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Next Week - Dragon School!

So next week is the start of something else that is new!

We will now be re-opening for the children who are coming back to Dragon School and we will be providing home learning for the children who are going to do Dragon School at home!

No matter which Dragon school you are doing ........ we will be doing the same things.

We are even going to try and do some things together..... more news on that next week.

Later on today I will be messaging children who are returning to school so you know which bubble you will be in. This means you will know which door to come to on Tuesday morning when the EYFS officially opens up again from 9am.

The Bubbles are

Bubble A -  "The knights".  (Mrs Lindley/Mrs Gerrard and Mrs Gibaldi)

Bubble B - "The Dragons"  (Mrs Boon and Miss Waugh)

Home school starfish children "Kings and Queens"

Home school Seahorse children "Prince and Princesses"

Here is our learning mat for week 1 of dragon school! 


You can download this learning map from the attachment below.

I will post all of the activities and resources on our Monday morning blog ready for Dragon School to commence.