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Dragon Post - Pen pals!

Our Monday morning story is all about a little boy who wakes up to find a dragon living under his stairs.

He is over the moon...but doesn't know what to do with the dragon. He decides to write to different people and ask for the information he needs. 




Visit Emma Yarlett’s website to see more drawings and find out all about the author of this book

With the current situation our children have been split up and are missing each other. We chose this book as an introduction to the concept of 'Pen-pals' . The children attending school will get a home learning pen- pal or two!. Then we can get the conversations/letters rolling. 

At school or at home......this week all children are invited to join in the activities below.

Our 'Big Question' this week is .... Do you think a dragon would make a good pet? Would you like to have a dragon as a pet?

Talk or write about your ideas.

Phonics play have great games for children to reinforce their sound knowledge without having to login. click here and select your sounds of the week or practice some of the ones you have had in previous weeks. One of their games uses dragons! 

Read the poem 'Can you see the dragon?' Think about all of the words that describe the dragon. Does it give you a picture in your head of what your dragon might look like?

Now for a bit of number and pattern in the shape of a dragon egg hunt. Click at the bottom for instruction sheet. Print off... or even better make your own patterned eggs and put numbers on them.

Can you make your own number jigsaw. Take some time to colour in a mindfulness dragon then get a grown up to cut your picture into strips with numbers on. can you put the picture back together again by putting the numbers in the right order? Download mindfulness dragon sheets below.



Can you have a go at drawing your dragon?

Take a look at the pictures below for some tips.

Can you use your D&T skills to create some dragon crafts?

Can you design your own dragon egg? what will you make it out of? Paint, collaged paper, fabrics?

With a dragon breathing down your neck do you think you could hold your pencil steady?

Cook some eggs and create magical dragon eggs that you can eat! click here to be taken to the website for instructions

Want to move like a dragon?

Visit our favourite Cosmic Kids 'Cracker the Dragon' episode. 



Dont forget to keep using your doodle maths! We haven't won in a while!

Reading eggs too will help you keep your reading going.

For those children home learning..... don't forget to check in and send us some of your lovely work via your Tapestry journal.