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Phonics and home learning

Which videos should you follow?

Hi all.

As I'm sure you've seen on the learning mat, there are two options for phonics lessons - Set 2 and Set 3.

All the links expire after 10 days so please make sure you have a go at the lessons within that time.

Children are more than welcome to complete both if they want to. However, if you are unsure which video is best for you, here is a rough guide.

Set 2 is best for children reading red, green, purple and pink books.

Set 3 is best for children reading orange, yellow, blue and grey books. However, they should still review set 2 from time to time if it is a sound they are less confident with (air, ou and oy are common gaps for our children).

Hope this helps. If you are still unsure please drop us an email!