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Dinosaur spotted in Keyworth!!

Security footage at our school captured something amazing on film! Check out the video.




Bluebell class have a theory that this T Rex is the mother of the babies that hatched from our eggs!

This video inspired us to learn more about the T Rex and we produced some fantastic pieces of work as you can see from the photos below. Why don't you do something similar? Here a some ideas:

  • Paint or draw a picture of a T Rex and label it with describing words e.g. sharp teeth
  • Create a wanted poster for the T Rex. Be sure to include a picture and sentences describing what it looks like, where it was last seen etc
  • Make a fact file for a T Rex
  • Make a T Rex out of playdough or modelling clay
  • Create a comic strip story for the T Rex - What os it looking for? What happens next?
  • Create a news report (paper or video) for this amazing event

I look forward to seeing your work on Seesaw!