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What have we been doing recently?

Find out what we've been up to over the past 2 weeks in Ali Class



It's been a busy two weeks in Ali Class, we have worked hard on following the Keyworth Code at all times and ensuring we show our best selves.

Children in my Literacy lessons completed  fact files based on Muhammad Ali (please see some pictures below) and started a new unit based on Autumn poetry. We have also had the opportunity to observe Autumnal changes outside to help us write our Autumn poetry.  Other children in Year 3 have worked incredibly hard within their Phonics and Literacy groups and learnt new sounds and have even applied this in their afternoon writing! Which is AMAZING to see!



In Maths, we've worked on our numbers to 1000, making these numbers using maths equipment and using numberlines. It is crucial children do their doodles every week as this will support the children in class and help to grow their confidence (this amounts to around 40 minutes over the week). I have added some doodle extras on doodlemaths which relate to our recent learning. I have also been impressed with our growing focus in class! Let's keep this up!

In Science we have looked at what nutrients we can gain from certain foods, food groups and different animal diets. The children were able to tell me lots about why animals have different diets and how this helps them survive  in the wild.

In Geography we have continued to work on extreme weather- we have looked at storms and tornadoes recently. We have looked at the effect of storms on people and their environment and learnt about an area of the world where tornados are common...tornado alley!


Remember to keep doodling to remain in your green zone every week to support your learning in school and record your reading in your home school at least 3 x a week. Why not attend reading lair to fit in some reading before school! Reading lair starts at 8.30am- 8.50 am and children in Year 3 will need to be accompanied by and adult. I know we can do it and work together! Please let me know if you need support with Internet access/logging into doodles.


Many thanks,

Miss Fowell