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Year 3 had a very exciting visitor!


This week as part of our 'Why do earthquakes happen and volcanoes erupt?' topic we had a very special visitor come in and talk to us from the British Geological Society. It was an absolute delight to speak to an expert in the field and the children were able to ask any burning questions they had!

In our first session we looked and identified a range of different rocks, we named the type of rock they were (igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary) and learnt about some of their uses. We then looked at some of these closely using special equipment used by geologists-this allowed us to get really close up to the rock and look at the rock more closely. We also had an opportunity to do some observational sketches of the rocks we had chosen.

In our second session we focused on famous volcanoes and earthquakes and the reasons why people live near these areas! To finish the session we created our own towns that included volcanoes as well as 3D models! We had lots of fun!!!