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What art was created in the stone age?

We've had lots of fun this week in our topic work!


This week after working incredibly hard on our assessments- we took the time to relax and created some art. As our topic is based on the Stone Age we focused on cave art. We looked at what was used millions of years ago, why they were drawn and why we think cave art was created.

The children then drew from real cave paintings that have been found using a variety of materials such as charcoal, oil pastels, crayons and pencil. We got abit messy!

In Science, we started our new topic based on light and learnt what light is and how light travels. We learnt that light is a form of energy that allows us to see and light travels in a straight line! We even used torches to see how light travels!

Here are the school expectations for your child:

- To be reading at least 3 x a week at home and for home schoolbooks to be signed every week. You could even attend reading lair to do this!

- For children to remain in their green zone on doodlemaths and doodlespell (this is approximately 40 minutes every week).

- For children to work on their Silver Reading challenges (these can be found at the back of your child’s home school book).

- Checking the class blog regularly to see what we’re doing in school.