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What have we done this spring term?

Read below to find out what we have been doing this term.


We started the term by finishing our DT project of making torches. The children had a wonderful time using  what they had learnt in Science in their DT project. They had to complete a circuit as well as create a switch. Then they have to  create a casing for their torch. Here are some of their end projects.


In Art this term we have been looking at sketching and portraits as well as exploring the work of the artist Julian Opie. Last week, the children sketched and painted  their own portraits in the style of the artist. The children also had the job of mixing paints using only three primary colours.



This term in Science we have been learning all about animals, including humans. As part of this topic, we have looked closely at our digestive system as well as our teeth. In these lessons, we looked at the job of each of our types of teeth, and then we had a visit from Treeline dentist where they explained how and why we look after our teeth. The children got the chance  to dress up like dentists  and received their very own dental goodie bag. 



In ICT this term, the children learnt how to send and receive  messages, they learnt  how to communicate over distance and how to use email safely. As part of this topic, the children learnt that messages can be used to communicate over distance in a number of ways. Here the children exploring one of them.


The children have really enjoyed English this term. They have been learning all about persuasive writing and, as part of this, had to write persuasive texts persuading someone to become a giant catcher, then for their own independent writing, they chose a different creature to persuade someone to catch. After that, the children then invited Mrs Westie to a writing celebration where the children got to share their writing with her and their friends and also read their writing to the class.