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Keyworth Primary
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Yr1 - Miss Simpson's Bluebells

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April 2020

  • History Project- My Family Tree

    Published 29/04/20, by Gemma King
    This week the whole school had a topic  focus of ' History '  (you can find this activity  in the Easter pack that we sent out to you ). Please see attached copy below.  So Supertato can have a well earn
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  • Evil Pea Hunt!

    Published 28/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    Even the Gruffalo is having trouble with evil peas!

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  • Build a supertato Hideaway Den!

    Published 27/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    or you could decide to build a trap instead for EVIL PEA!!!!!

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  • We are going to be doing lots of SUPER(tato) activities this week.

    Published 26/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    Another week, another story to help us learn in a fun way.




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  • Story-time Monster Prompts

    Published 23/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    You have been amazing monsters this week so I have found you another story!




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  • 5 little Monsters dancing on the bed!

    Published 23/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    Those naughty monsters have been jumping on the bed!

    Can you draw and make 5 naughty monster puppets to jump on your bed and then take one away each time until you are left with zero!

    Can you give a name to each of your monsters?  Write their names above their heads and then take a photo and send it to me so we can have a MONSTER PARADE!

    Seahorse children could have a go at singing the rhyme and working out how many monsters are left each time. 

    Starfish children could also have a go at writing down the number sentence each time  a monster jumps off the bed eg.          5 -1 = 4          4 -1 = 3            3 -1 = 2            2 -1 = 1              1 -1= 0


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  • Monster Colours

    Published 22/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    So today we are going to go on a Monster Colour hunt. Leo yesterday did his own colour hunt and managed to find all of the colours for each of the monsters! Including red which unfortunately was his scratched  leg!

    Can you find the matching colours for the Monsters......... or even some new colours and make up a new monster? What mood would they be?

    Lots of you made Mood-o-meters yesterday which meant that my mood-o-meter was definitely on green for  HAPPY!

    Watch Mrs G's little helper below set you your challenge........ but beware I think his mood-o-meter was on red by the end of it!




    Another challenge for the day is number of the week..... can you find lots of these around your house. Can you practice writing this number?





    You will be getting a new sound of the day too today so keep an eye on your Tapesty Journals.

    I will be sending out sounds and associated  activities on  a Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday. This is how we tend to do it when we are normally at school. It then gives the Thursday and Friday to use the sounds in 'everday' contexts or do some of the activities at a more leisurely pace. So there will be three new sounds each week. Your assistance with this will ensure the children are still moving forwards during this time out of normal school.

    Here are some photos of people definitely learning whilst having fun yesterday. Mrs Gerrard, Mrs Boon and I are missing you all very much and we haven't seen some of your faces on any photo's?  So come on mums's and dad's lets have a few more faces up on this gallery! Remember, it doesn't have to be the activities that have been set on the blog as they are only for guidance. We love to see all of the other learning experiences you are giving them! 


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  • A gallery of monsters!

    Published 21/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    Guess who actually had the colour monster book! It is actually a pop up book too.

    Look at how the clouds actually stand up in the sky. Look how the angry monster bursts out of the page!

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  • Have you been a little monster?

    Published 19/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    First things first though! I have done a Summer Term message just for the children, so take a look together.




    It's also time to find out whether you have been a bit of a handful both at school and at home!

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  • EYFS Art Project- Carl Warner!

    Published 17/04/20, by Gemma King

    What's in your fridge?

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  • More Easter Activity Ideas

    Published 15/04/20, by Sara Lindley




    Why not have a go at our play dough shapes and maths activity to reinforce those shape names and pattern.

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  • Free access to 'Phonics Play'

    Published 09/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    It has been amazing to see how many of you are still trying hard to incorporate your phonics into everyday life at home. Even in the Holiday time! 

    A really useful site that has now become fully accessible to parents too is Phonics play. 

    This offers lots of interactive games that engage the children quickly and allows them to be exposed to all of the sounds they need to be practising. We often use these in school and find the children love them.

    If you visit the website you will see that they now give you a username and a password that will allow full access during this home learning period.  username - march20      password    home

    Click here to be taken straight to their website

    How can you build in phonics without your child even knowing ?

    We actually start just by developing listening skills. Saying nursery rhymes together, playing simple musical instruments, or even just banging wooden spoons, and following each others rhythms and beats.

    Good old fashioned I Spy is a brilliant start too.

    We often take buckets of water and paint brushes outside and  have a go at writing letters on the floor then watching them dry off in the sun. Or you could write the letters for your child and they go over them with the wet paintbrush.

    Play hide and seek with letters around the house and make a competition to see who can find the most and them name them correctly.

    Play 'go fetch!' with their toys. get me a toy that starts with a ' b' or even segment the word so they have to blend it back together to work out what they need to get eg Can you get me your c-a-t?

    Take out some of your shopping and hunt for just one letter on the packets.

    Most of all....... just enjoy reading and playing sound games at the moment.

    For Parents who want to know a bit more detail

    Our own school website has lots of resources that follow the RWI structure for sound lessons Click here

    and there are also lots of video's from the RWI team to explain some of the methods we use Click here

    Here is another  useful video that has been  produced recently by Oxford Owl, who are associated with RWI (Read Write INC), to assist parents who are now trying to help their children learn at home. It lasts ten minutes and covers A LOT so do not think that you are expected to do all of this! However, we have had a few questions from parents wanting to know a little bit more and this video is quite informative.




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