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Keyworth Primary
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Yr1 - Miss Simpson's Bluebells

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May 2020

  • Superworm!

    Published 31/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    Our learning mat for this week (download it at the bottom of the blog)


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  • The Foundation Unit 'Bubbles'

    Published 30/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    In light of the guidance we have been given for the Foundation Unit we thought you would like to see Foundation Unit in action.

    We have split the unit in half to allow for two self-contained 'Bubbles'. We have tried as much as possible to duplicate the learning areas in each bubble and will be aiming to use as much outdoor learning as possible (weather permitting.) 

    We have changed the entrance doors for the Foundation Unit to keep the two bubbles separate.

    Bubble A - adults that will remain with this bubble will be Mrs Lindley/Mrs Gerrard/Mrs Gibaldi

    Bubble B - adults that will remain with this bubble will be Mrs Boon/Mrs James and Mrs Roos

    Please watch the videos below that will show the changes we have made. 

    If you have any questions you can  email 

    Bubble A






    Bubble B







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  • Maths Project Wk Beg. 1.6.20

    Published 28/05/20, by Nat Betts
    Attached below you will find a link to an exciting maths project for you to have a go at this week. The instructions are included in the link but remember you can contact us anytime if you require more help :) We hope you enjoy this project and lo
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  • Next week is Superworm Week!

    Published 28/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    Sometimes it is nice to know what is coming up next week so here is the learning mat showing a few of the activities that you could be doing from home.

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  • Reading Project

    Published 21/05/20, by Gemma King
    Hello!   Please find attached resources for a reading focus week. Please email your class teacher with any questions. Thank you!
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  • What is Mindfulness?

    Published 21/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    At the moment there are lots of reasons why your child might be feeling anxious. There might be a few adults who are feeling that way too!

    Take a look at the quick video below which explains a little about mindfulness. It also shows children trying to explain why they need mindfulness sometimes. There are some useful activity ideas too which I have attached at the bottom.

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  • Ten little Pirates!

    Published 18/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    So another week of pirate challenges for you me hearties! Lots and lots of activities to choose from below.

    Download the full home learning map at the bottom of the page to give you an overview of our activities.

    Our Monday morning story is Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty.




    Can you find the rhyming words in our story?

    Have a look at our rhyming activity sheet (attached at he bottom) Seahorse children - get your grown up to help you. Starfish  Class - have a go at finding the words in the story and try to write them down yourself on the sheet or make your own on a piece of paper.

    Get in the Pirate spirit and get your body moving with our pirate dance this morning.




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  • Pirate Gallery and next week's (learning) Map!

    Published 13/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    Click at the bottom of the blog to print off an A4 copy of the learning map for next week and see what you could be getting up to! More details on our Monday morning blog with our Monday morning story.


    Now.......Who will be getting an Honorary Pirate Certificate this week for all of their Pirate Hard work???

    Take a look below and see.

    If you have been a sleep down below decks then send in a picture next week to earn your reward too.

    Looking forward to more Pirate fun next week.

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  • Mindfulness Ahoy!

    Published 12/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    Our Wednesday blog is all about checking we are all doing okay. Taking a moment to stop and breathe!

    Start the day off with Cosmic Kids Yoga - A pirate adventure!




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  • Pirate Science!

    Published 11/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    The whole school have been set a science challenge this week so we couldn't resist giving you lots of pirate ideas!

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  • Our Home learning map this week really is a map! A treasure map!

    Published 11/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    Ah Har Me hearties!!!!!

    For the next two weeks  we be learning all about ye Pirates!!!!

    To start you off here is your Monday morning story!




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  • VE day garden party

    Published 08/05/20, by Sara Lindley

    It is a lovely day to have a party in your front garden.

    Lots of the children have been sending me pictures of their preparations.

    Keep sending them throughout the day and I will post your pictures as I get them so by tonight we can have a fantastic record of your VE day celebrations.


    Lots of photos have now been sent in showing your VE day celebrations. Thank you to everyone! You looked like you all had a very nice day. 

    We even got a video capturing the commemorative singing of "We'll meet again" 




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