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Keyworth Primary
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Yr1 - Miss Simpson's Bluebells

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June 2020

  • One way to learn 'igh' - I fly high!

    Published 29/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    At school today we read the story of the Night Dragon and talked about the sound 'igh'. Three letters that go together to make the sound igh.

    We worked out lots of new words using the igh sound and then made our own kites to go and fly high!.

    This was a FAB way to reinforce their learning ! Every time we ran with our kites we shouted 'igh' fly high!

    We had such a great time in the blustery wind and hopefully they won't forget this sound in a hurry.

    Take a look at this phonics lesson!



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  • Night Dragon activities.

    Published 27/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    Our Monday Morning is the tale of the Night Dragons. One dragon was a little different from the rest.

    Listen to what happens..... It proves that it is okay to be different and have your own set of skills.



    The dragons in this tale are all sorts of colours but the most beautiful one is all colours under the sun.

    We will be talking about how just three colours mixed together can make a rainbow of colours.

    Below is another favourite story of ours that inspires the children to get colour mixing. 






    Watch this video for some tips about drawing your dragon ready to mix your own colours and make it magical!



    Our dragons 'fly high' this week and we will be using this story to help us learn our set 2 sound 'igh- I fly high'. We will be making kites that have 'igh words on their tails, going on a dragon 'igh' word hunt and writing 'igh' word onto dragon scales. 

    For children developing an awareness of their set 1 sounds we will be reading 'Rapunzel' who was stuck in the 't t tower!' to reinforce this sound we will be building lots of 't t towers' and looking for objects around the room that start with a 't'. We will be looking at some of other traditional tales that we weren't as familiar with last week. Pinochio and Hansel and Gretel.

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  • The Night Dragon Learning Mat for next week

    Published 26/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    This will be the last week concentrating on dragons. Then we will move onto looking at castles, Knights, Kings Queens Princes and Princesses!

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  • VIP Thank You

    Published 25/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    We wanted to say a big thank you to all of the children and parents for being so amazing over the the last couple of months, but someone else wanted to say thank you too.




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  • Dragon Wants To Be A Hero!

    Published 22/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    Join us this week on a journey through some traditional tales in search of a story where Dragon can be a hero!

    Watch our video this week and find out how he becomes the hero that everyone wanted.

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  • Class information for next year.

    Published 19/06/20, by Sara Lindley


    It is that time of year where we let you know who you will be with next year.

    The Starfish children will be moving into a  Year 1 class with Miss Simpson

    Due to the odd situation we find ourselves in at the moment, with Coronavirus restrictions, you  unfortunately might not get to meet Miss Simpson face to face or spend time with her in your new classroom.

    However, Mrs Lindley and Miss Simpson are a whizz with technology so we will be arranging video meetings, shared stories  and joint activities for the last two weeks of term. We will try to venture into your new classroom so you get used to your new surroundings. This means you will feel confident and happy ready to start your Key Stage 1 journey in September, all being well.

    The Seahorse class will be moving across the unit into Mrs Lindley's and Mrs Gerrard's zone. Hopefully you are all familiar with that anyway so your transition should be a lot smoother. However, if there are any questions as your children enters into their F2 year, please don't hesitate to ask.

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  • There Is No Dragon In This Story!

    Published 18/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    Dragon School continues with a dragon having a strop!

    Dragon is fed up of being the baddie and wants to be a HERO!

    Take a look at the learning mat for next week to get an idea of some of the activities we will be having a go at.

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  • Dragon Post - Pen pals!

    Published 14/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    Our Monday morning story is all about a little boy who wakes up to find a dragon living under his stairs.

    He is over the moon...but doesn't know what to do with the dragon. He decides to write to different people and ask for the information he needs. 




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  • A busy week this week! What's Next?

    Published 12/06/20, by Julie Gerrard

    What a busy week we have had at home and school. 

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  • Home Learning Dragon School!

    Published 11/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    It is great to see all of the children at dragon school not just the ones who are actually in school!

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  • Dragon wings and happy faces!

    Published 09/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    It was so nice to have a few children back at school today .... a big shout out to our Home Learners too! Send in some pictures and let us know what you were getting up to. Did you turn yourself into dragons like we did? We want to blog photos of both children at school and at home so we all still feel connected.

    The children were so pleased just to be back so we let them just have time back in the unit whilst learning our new rainbow rules for staying safe.


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  • Welcome to Dragon School!

    Published 08/06/20, by Sara Lindley

    Our Monday Morning Story all about Zog the little dragon who has to go to school to learn all about the skills he will need to be a grown up dragon. Will he get a Gold Star?



    BBC iPlayer have the whole of the beautiful animated story available to watch. Click here. (You may have to download the iPlayer at first.)

    Our talking/writing prompts this week come from the story.

    Would you like to go to dragon school?

    How is it the same as our school? How is it different? 

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