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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Yeeee-Ha! The Day Cowboy Mike Rode Into Town! 

We went to the 'Wild West' for the day...

Last Friday, a Texan cowboy called Mike came to Keyworth to amaze us with some facts about the wonderful Wild West!

We listened to his magical stories that had been passed down from generation to generation.  One gruesome, scary story told of a bandit who was punished by being hanged and having his head chopped off! That night he was seen by Jed, a cowboy, riding a horse, holding his bloodstained head.  Later, Cowboy Mike taught us a song that made cows go to sleep:

'Roll on, roll on, Roll on little dogies roll on, roll on... (Little dogies were orphaned baby cows)

Mike sang in a calming voice and strummed his guitar with passion.  Did you know that cowboys made sure that cows only walked seventeen miles a day to prevent them from losing too mch body fat.

In the afternoon, in partners, we designed a storyboard inspired by Mike's storytelling.  We performed our story to the rest of the group.  We all thanked him for teaching us cool Wild West facts.  We had a great day...with no spellings either!


Click here to see more photos of our Wild West day.