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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School


Eagles are improving their speaking and listening skills through the medium of storytelling.


Mike arrived - clutching his story stick- and instantly settled into the Eagles class with  stories about The Devil in the Bath House and the Master Tailor. We were all enthralled at his ability to tell a GREAT story and make it come alive through the use of his voice, repetition and movement. Our task was to retell a summary of the storyline in a few seconds- what a challenge! What fun!

Brookside Primary sent four girls to help Mike with his workshop and we very much enjoyed the opportunity to work together.  We had to visualise a story and add our own detail and outcome. Using our bodies with movement was a lot of fun and increased our awareness of an audience. 


Next week, to continue the power of stories, a few children from the class will work with children from another school. The aims of this session are:

  • To foster connections between the schools through a story session.

 •  To encourage year 6 students to act as ambassadors for their schools,