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Keyworth Primary
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Mrs Betts' and Mrs King's Orcas

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  • Road Trip USA!

    Published 05/01/20, by Nat Betts

    After the Christmas break, Y4's new topic is all about Road Trip USA!

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  • Y4 Rune Stones

    Published 03/12/19, by Gemma King

    Using our clay tools to carve letters from the runic alphabet.

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  • Y4 Trip to Perlethorpe

    Published 04/11/19, by Nat Betts

    WOW what an exciting day we have had learning all about the Saxons and Vikings. 

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  • Traders and raiders

    Published 28/10/19, by Nat Betts

    After the half term holiday, Y4's new topic is all about Traders and Raiders.

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  • How does a submarine work?

    Published 17/10/19, by Nat Betts

    This week we have been finding out about Cornelius Drebbel, the inventor of the first submarine in the early 1600s. We have Investigated the materials he used and how the first submarines worked. 

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  • Sharing our stories

    Published 10/10/19, by Nat Betts

    Year 4 have enjoyed sharing their dilemma stories with the Jellyfish class today.

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  • Super Scientists!

    Published 02/10/19, by Gemma King

    Exploring underwater food chains.

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  • Special talk time

    Published 26/09/19, by Nat Betts

    The Year 4 children have been busy with their special talks over the last two weeks and they have been wonderful.

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  • Y4 have started their Musical journey...

    Published 17/09/19, by Nat Betts

    Tuesdays are all about learning to play the violin, viola and cello aren't they? They are for our Year 4 children!

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  • The Blue Abyss

    Published 06/09/19, by Nat Betts

    Please find parent information and some homework ideas. 

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  • Whale come to the orca class!

    Published 06/09/19, by Nat Betts

    What a wonderful week the Y4 children have had!

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  • Model volcanoes

    Published 11/07/19, by Kristen Hopwood

    We have painted our 3D model volcanoes this afternoon!

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