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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Home Learning Superstars Wk Beg 1.6.20

Whose been working really hard on our learning apps and other home learning tasks this week?

It's a bit too quiet in the Orca Camp....

Things have been a bit quiet this week and we have missed seeing your lovely work. We would love you to try at least 1 new thing from our learning mat this week that you haven't engaged with before. Remember to send us your pictures :)


It’s great to see so many of you have been using DoodleMaths at home this week. Here are our Star Doodlers!

Brody, Leticia, Grace, Morgan, Freda, Ben, Bobby, Autumn, Naomi, Natasha, Thomas, Maisie, Scarlett and Kaitlyn. 

And our top Doodler this week with a WHOPPING  353 stars is Brody.

Scarlett has been VERY busy on Doodletables. Well done you were our top doodler with 785 stars on Doodletables!

Congratulations  what an amazing achievement!

Reading Eggs

Well done  Brody, Freda, Bobby, Autumn, Scarlett and Natasha for exploring Reading Eggs. 

This is a brand new app that we know we still need to get used to it but hopefully we will see more of you trying it out in the coming days and weeks.


Well done  Brody, Grace, Jack,  Natasha, Freda, Naomi, Kaitlyn, Morgan, Bobby, Maisie, Abby, Leticia, Autumn and Ben  for completing your Mymaths activities. 

There will be new ones added every week so keep a look out!

Well done to everyone who has attempted the writing tasks on Oak National Academy and science or maths projects this week.