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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

New topic and spellings for this half term!

Our new topic is all about The Tudors!!

Let’s travel back in time to meet the terrifying Tudors.

During this half term, we’ll meet a very important figure from history who will give us a problem to solve.

Online research will help us to write biographies about influential people of the period, and we’ll use source materials to create a Tudor timeline. Tudor portraits will provide us with the inspiration to create royal paintings; we’ll learn a courtly dance and compose Tudor music. Our geography skills will help us to compare maps of Tudor London to present day London and plot Anne Boleyn’s journey to her execution. Internet research will help us learn more about Henry’s life, his marriages and his break from the Roman Catholic church.

In school, we will be reading the book Treason by Berlie Doherty - you are welcome to purchase this book and read at home also if you are home learning.

Our spellings for this term are also attached below.


Here is what we will be covering in each subject throughout the next half term:


Treason – Berlie Doherty

Memorable experience

Elizabeth I - Elizabeth I deathbed scene video

Innovate challenge

The trial of Anne Boleyn


Biographies; Poetry and riddles; Newspaper reports; Persuasive letters


The Tudors


Portraits; Sketching Tudor fashions; 3-D modelling


Research; Data handling; Presentations




Tudor music; Composing


Tudor rules and consequences


Dreams and Goals


Additional investigation

Separating solutions and changing materials

Why does a compass always point north?