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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Internet Permission Debate

For Safer Internet day 2019 the Kingfisher class were asked to debate certain questions and scenarios.

They then had to move around the room to find the caption that best described their answer.

eg "I am not sure."

"I agree."

"As long as I don't get caught!"

"It would be better to ask first."

"Even if you asked first, that's wrong."

"What's the big deal?"

One of the scenarios was - Your parent gives you permission to play a new game rated 12+, then at a friends house you play a different game with the same rating.

We also took part in a 30 second quick draw activity that highlighted the difficulty in saying .. or drawing what the Internet actually is. Try drawing an apple, a dog and then the Internet. Some are easier than others.

Take a look at the photos of the Safer Internet Day activities.