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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Rock Hunters!

In readiness for becoming rock sculptors we had to go on a rock hunt around the school.

The children fired up their imaginations by watching the video below and being stunned by the skill of the artist. It also reminded us of the peace, calm and serenity that art can lead to.

Our main focus really for this activity is to think about the skills you would need to photograph or make a video about making a rock sculpture.  By planning this we can develop our ICT skills further.  We will be building on the work we have done today so watch this space....

Click here to see some of the rocks we found around school.

The children were very eager to have a go at making a rock sculpture and said they wanted to make one at home. If they manage it..... send a photo in via the old superstars email address.

LATEST PICTURES ADDED! click here - Our very own rock sculptors have started to send in their photos.