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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Science workshop at South Wolds

We went to South Wolds this morning to take part in a science workshop to kick off science week!

Science week starts today and runs until next Friday. We will be doing lots of exciting things in school, but we were lucky enough to start science week with a trip to South Wolds. The theme for science week this year is 'Our Diverse Planet'.

The above photo shows our reaction to one of the experiments! We also got to find out about taste buds and whether we are super tasters or not by putting blue food colouring on our tongues! Only about a quarter of the population are super tasters, most are just classed as tasters. We also did some experiments to work out which gases were present and use the bunsen burners!

All the children were very sensible and listened carefully to instructions.

Here are some pictures of all the exciting activities!