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Sex and relationships education

Please find important information below regarding sex and relationships education for Year 6 this year.

During the Summer term, we would normally cover the area of ‘growing up’ as part of the children’s PSHE work and the Life Processes and Living Things element of the Science Curriculum.

Due to current circumstances, we are unable to teach this in the normal way. To ensure that all Year 6 children, regardless of whether they have returned to school or not, receive the same information, we would like you to watch the following BBC videos with your children and discuss the content with them. You can click each of the links to access the video directly:

Body Image - What is perfect?

Puberty - What's happening to my body?

Healthy vs Unhealthy relationships

Respecting myself and others

The videos cover the aspects of puberty and other changes that occur as the children begin their journey towards adolescence as well as body image, relationships and respect. There are notes on each video page to support you with discussing the content.

The videos aim to:

  • provide reassurance that body changes, physical, emotional and social are normal and acceptable.
  • counter myths and misinformation.
  • inform children of the changes males and female bodies undergo during puberty.
  • encourage awareness, respect and responsibility to oneself and others.