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Keyworth Primary
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F1 & F2 - Meadow Class

Welcome to the blog page for the Foundation Unit. Our Meadow Class this year has F1 and f2 children working alongside each other.

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  • Were all going on a summer holiday!

    Published 18/07/21, by Sara Lindley

    So this is our final blog of the year and I think we are all ready for the Summer holidays!

    Thank you for all of your support over the last two years of lock down fun! Who would have predicted the turmoil that the children have been put through and the impact on us all!

    Let's hope we have a much more settled return in September.

    This week our thoughts will be on what we are all going to be doing in the holidays!

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  • We are going on a treasure hunt!

    Published 16/07/21, by Julie Gerrard

    Fun in the sun!

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  • Going on a journey?

    Published 11/07/21, by Sara Lindley

    A musical story leading us to different environments and introducing us all to  wonderful vocabulary. 

    A story sometimes doesn't need words at all

    Lets re-visit the sign for boat  - and sing the row row row your boat nursery rhyme. A classic favourite. 

    Our letters of the week will be the single letter 'b' for boots and boats and we will introduce some of the younger children to the concept of special friends (digraphs) 'sh'-  for ship . Special friends are classed as two letters that make one sound.

    For the children already used to special friends we will be looking at the sounds that make the 'oa'  as in boat and 'ow' as in row. sounds.


    We will be following instructions on how to make a paper boat.

    We will be thinking about all of the different types of transport  we have investigated over the past few weeks. Do they travel by Air? Land? or Sea? How many different ways of travelling can you sing about in the song below?

    Lets get our core movements going as we travel across the world to the rainforests!

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  • Itchy, Itchy, Chicken pox!

    Published 04/07/21, by Sara Lindley

    I have heard that quite a few of you may be able to relate to this story!

    Hope you all get better soon!

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  • The Train Ride

    Published 04/07/21, by Sara Lindley


    Our single sounds for the week are  't' and 'r'. then we will be looking at the sound they make when the are blended together. 'tr' for train and transport.


    For the children who are using special friends/ digraphs we will be looking at the two sounds that can  make the ay/ai sounds.


    Here is the key vocabulary we will be using this week.

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  • Watch out for the 'Naughty Bus!'

    Published 25/06/21, by Sara Lindley


    For the last few weeks we are going to be looking at the min topic of 'Are we there yet?'

    In this mini topic we will be looking at types of transport and destinations for day trips and holidays!

    Obviously it has been a bit tricky for holidays recently, so it would be amazing if you could email or add pictures onto your child's tapestry journal so that your child  can create a postcard from previous holidays. We have also reminded the children that holidays don't always mean you go somewhere....... you can have fabulous holidays at home in your back garden too.

    Use the class email address    or simply add an observation and upload photos onto their Tapestry journal. We will be able to print them from there.

    This week is all about buses and cars.

    Watch this lovely animated tale of the Naughty bus going on its adventures!

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  • Sports Week in EYFS

    Published 18/06/21, by Wendy Boon

    In Foundation this week we have taken part in lots of different sports activities.

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  • What can you see in Summer?

    Published 18/06/21, by Sara Lindley


    We are going to be finishing our topic this week and thinking about all of the things we have been learning about sunshine and sunflowers!

    The book this week will talk all bout what we see in the summer.  We  are also going to be having a go at talking about or writing a simple sentence about what we see in the summer.

    Our sounds of the week are 

    w  because we are going to be asking lots of questions this week and so many of the question words start with a w! We will also be learning about the letter y as so many things in the summer are y y yellow!

    ee - What can you see!

    Our sign for the week for the F1 children is sun!

    Two slightly different ways to sign this depending on whether you say sun 

    or sunshine

    For the F2 children we will be looking at the signing for all of the question words.

    The children have been noticing lots of buzzy bees flying around the playground this week so our rhyme of the week is . Singing and rhymes are a great way for the children to express new language and communicate with each other.

    Our numbers of the week are 8 or 18 and we will be searching for ways to make these all around the unit and the playgrounds.

    For our Understanding of the world We will be looking at these video prompt to remind us of what happens in the summer and also thinking about comparing the different seasons of the year. We will try to remember our snowy and icy walks from a few months ago!



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  • Releasing OUr Butterflies

    Published 16/06/21, by Wendy Boon

    On Friday we watched our Butterflies fly away to their new homes

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  • Jump and Shout during Sports Week!

    Published 11/06/21, by Sara Lindley

    Our story this week is inspired by SPORTS WEEK!!!! The F2 children are taking part in several of the main school activities and having some sporty fun of our own too. The F2' s will then teach the F1 children some of their new skills!

    The story  is read by the author himself this week.

    Our sign of the week is 'jump'

    You can simply jump up and down or you can jump on and off things!

    Our phonics is prompted by our story this week we are going to look at the single sound 'j' for jumping Jack. Then we are also going to start looking at the middle short 'u' sound found in simple cvc words like cup, fun.


    Visit Evie and dodge and see which objects they choose for the letters 'j' and 'u'?

    What objects will they sing about in the alphabet songs

    During our letter j week and linked to moving around the children are going to be set the challenge of making a j j jack in a box and learning the song that goes with it.

    For the children ready for their digraphs we will be reminding ourselves that when 'n' and 'g' are together they make the special friends 'ng' which is often found at the end of action words like jumping and shouting! We will also be learning the special friends 'ou' shout it out!


    The F2's are also going to have another look at those tricky words!

    Our maths this week is all about sharing things out fairly and into equal groups.

    We are looking closely at the different ways we can make the number 7 or 17.



    During SPORTS WEEK!!! let's get our bodies moving.





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  • Summer Days and Nights.

    Published 06/06/21, by Sara Lindley

    This story is in two halves and talks abut the different things we see during a typical summer day and then contrasts it with what happens in a summer night. The book is full of rhyming words so we will be trying to hunt for words that have the same patterns in them.

    The F2's are busy learning all about capital letters and the names as well as the sounds of the alphabet.

    Here is another catchy video to help explain that each letter has a name and a sound.

    Our phonics this week will use the initial letters and the digraphs from the story

    For the children learning single sounds we will be looking at the letters 'd' and 'n'

    Visit Evie and Dodge as well as the Cbeebies alphabet song to learn about these letters.

    For the children learning digraphs - 'two letters, one sound'      'ay' may I play and 'igh' I fly high.

    To see a lesson similar to the ones we do at school visit Abi's phonics for 'ay' and 'igh'

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  • Using Quizlet to help get ready for Year 1

    Published 01/06/21, by Sara Lindley


    So believe it or not the F2 children have only got 7 weeks left before they move up to their Year 1 status!

    Having had such a disrupted time over the last two academic years we are trying to prepare the children as much as we can for the changes they will experience moving from the Early Years Curriculum into the Key Stage 1 curriculum.

    One way we are starting to do this is to gently introduce the routine of learning words each week ready for a spelling activity on a Friday. This is something that happens throughout main school  every week.

    Rather than giving the youngest children a long list of words to learn we have found that Quizlet offers a more interactive enjoyable way of learning new words. We also always tend to put a symbol or picture alongside the word as children find this a really helpful tool.

    Lots of you have signed up already and are using this app but we would really like all parents to sign up as a way of helping their child to prepare for their move to main school.

    Visit our Quizlet resource page to request to become a member.

    Alternatively, you can click on this invitation link and it should take you to our page ready for signing up.

    Signing up is totally free and just takes a minute. You will need to sign up in order to get all of the different games options that make it more interactive and enjoyable. If you don't sign up you will have only limited availability of the resources.

    When you sign up I am sent a message and accept you into the class.

    Then you have access to all the resources we have made especially with your children in mind.

    Here are a couple of videos of how you use Quizlet on a phone or on a laptop. It can look a little different depending on what device you use.

    I will be sending out links each week fo r us to have a game on a Friday. We will all use the quizlet app that day to play the game.

    If you have any questions come and have a chat or email me on our class email












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