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Yr1 - Anning Class


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  • A special visitor

    Published 20/05/22, by Katie Sturman

    Dear Anning Parents, 

    What a lovely end to the week! All the children sang their hearts out. I was very proud of them and I know they are proud too!

    Now for some more exciting news...

    Before Easter, Anning class wrote Mrs King some letters asking if they could have their very own class pet. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a pet for our Year Ones, however, Mrs King has been kind enough to let us borrow her doggy, Willis, this coming Thursday morning! 

    Willis is a super, friendly goldendoodle who LOVES playing fetch, having cuddles and being petted! He is a hypoallergenic dog meaning he doesn't shed, and we won't be sending your children home covered in dog hair!

    By the end of his visit, we will all be goldendoodle experts and be able to write instructions on how to look after a goldendoodle. It would be great if you and your child could come up with some questions to ask Mrs King about Willis about how to care for him. 

    Mrs King has sent a letter to our class outlining the morning which has been sent home with your child today. I have also attached a copy of this letter below. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please catch me before Thursday, so we can put alternative plans in places if necessary. 

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Miss Sturman

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  • Important info for our Jigsaw lessons

    Published 17/05/22, by Katie Sturman

    Dear Anning Parents, 

    This school year we have been implementing ‘Jigsaw’, the PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) Programme across school, which follows a mindful approach to PSHE.

    Next half-term (Summer 2) we will be focussing on the Changing Me Puzzle which includes, in every year group, 2 or 3 lessons to help children understand the changes puberty brings and how human reproduction happens. There is a very serious safeguarding aspect to this work and obviously the younger year groups are not looking at these issues directly and explicitly, but rather learning correct terminology for body parts and covering the foundation work for later year groups.

    In Year 1, we will be looking at the correct names for our private parts in our Jigsaw sessions. Because some of what is being covered may be new to your child, or may prompt them to ask questions at home, I wanted to give you a brief outline of what we will be doing in the sessions. If you wish, you may want to discuss this with your child prior to the sessions (which will commence on Friday 10th June).

    We will begin by discussing how we can tell if animals are male or female. We will then move on to how boys and girls are also different and that one difference is our private parts. Children will be introduced to the vocabulary: penis, testicles, vagina and anus. They will decide which are male, which are female and which are both. Any pictures used are provided by Jigsaw and are illustrations - not photographs.

    We understand this may cause a few giggles. The children will be assured it's okay to get embarrassed or shy as we don't usually talk about our private parts, but it's important to know the proper names for them.

    We will ensure that children are not made to feel ashamed and instead understand private means special or important to us. The session will be taught alongside the 'Pantosaurus' (click here) so that children understand their private parts are just for them and no-one has the right to see or touch them without permission.

    We will end the session by discussing when it is okay and when it is not okay to talk about our private parts e.g. at the doctors.

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  • Anning Class Assembly 20.5.22

    Published 07/05/22, by Katie Sturman

    Year 1 have had a lovely start back to school after the Easter holidays. We are doing really well with our Doodle Maths so keep it up! 

    Class Assembly
    I am excited to invite you to our Anning class assembly which will be taking place on Friday 20th May at 2.50pm. I know all children are excited to share their knowledge of Mary Anning with you on this day and we would be delighted if you could attend. 

    Our class enjoyed taking part in a Beatfeet dance session on Thursday and are very excited to participate in another class this week. Take a look at the photos from our session here.  


    See you tomorrow!

    Miss Sturman

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  • Welcome Summer 1!

    Published 19/04/22, by Katie Sturman

    Welcome back, and I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break!

    This week we will be starting our new topic Splendid Skies and in this topic we will be taking a deeper look into seasonal changes and exploring weather around the world. We have been very lucky recently to enjoy the lovely sunshine and hopefully this will stick around for a little longer. 
    There is still time for you to complete some home learning activities for this topic and I have attached a few ideas (along with some interesting facts!) at the bottom of the blog. 

    I have attached the topic cover letter where you will find more details about this topic and our weekly spellings for the half-term. We will continue with our spelling quiz on a Friday and will have a weekly spelling session on a Wednesday. 

    Please continue reading with your child at least 3 times a week and record this in their home-school diaries. We are now working towards our gold reading awards so make sure you mark these off in the back of your diaries too. I have been over the moon with your efforts on Doodle Maths over the Easter holidays, and I am pleased to tell you that we have been the top doodlers in the whole school for three weeks! Keep up the amazing work. 

    Phonics Screener
    Towards the end of June, all Year 1 children across the country will be taking part in a phonics screener. Please keep an eye out for more information on this in the upcoming weeks. 


    As always, if you have any questions give me a shout, and I'll help where I can. 

    Take Care, Miss Sturman

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  • Happy Easter!

    Published 01/04/22, by Katie Sturman

    We have reached the end of our second term in Year 1, and we have had a really fun time. 

    The highlight of our week was the egg rolling and egg decorating competition! Take a look here for the eggcellent (I had to do it!) entries

    This week we also had the pleasure of visiting St. Mary Magdalene church and we were able to ask the questions we have been exploring in RE. The children enjoyed the visit and really enjoyed drawing features of the church when we returned. Thank you to all of those who joined us on the trip and made it possible for us to go. Take a look at the photos from our visit here

    Over this term we have learnt all about old and new toys, how to categorise animals based on their features and diets and how to make paint prints just like Andy Warhol! In maths we have continued learning how to add and subtract within 20 and are now able to count all the way up to 50! We are starting to master counting in 2s, 5s AND 10S all the way to 100. When we return after Easter, we will be finishing our weight and capacity unit then starting to learn how to multiply and divide. It would be great if you could continue to work on your Doodle Maths as I will be setting some extras to keep your maths minds working. 
    Check out Miss Hopwood's maths blog to see how you can sign up for our Easter doodle challenge. 

    Our topic for Summer 1 will be Splendid Skies, and we will be exploring the seasons and weather around the world in more detail. To prepare your child for this topic, please take a look at the home learning ideas attached to the bottom of the blog. 

    Please continue reading with your child over the Easter holidays as this will help them prepare for the phonics screener which will be taking place towards the end of Summer 1 (more information on this will be shared with you when we return).  I have also sent your child home with a learning pack today, and it would be fantastic if you could find some time to complete a few of these activities.

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  • Church Visit - Call for helpers

    Published 22/03/22, by Katie Sturman

    On Wednesday 30th March, we are hoping to visit Keyworth Church as part of our RE unit.
    We will be leaving school after lunch at approximately 1.10pm and will be back to school around 1.45pm.

    We are looking for an additional 2 helpers to join us with this visit.

    If you think you are able to help, please could you let me know by Friday. 

    Thank you, 

    Miss Sturman

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  • A week of fun, games and a school trip!

    Published 17/03/22, by Katie Sturman

    Wow! What a fun and busy week we have had in Year 1.

    On Monday, we celebrated science week by exploring what makes an insect then we went and designed our own new insect species. We have been looking for insects in our playtimes and will take a stroll in the woodland area over the next couple of weeks to search for these creepy crawlies in their natural habitat. 
    Photos of science week will be uploaded to the blog soon. 

    In History, we started learning about toys from the past and toys from the present. The children had a great time playing with toys from different decades and were surprised at how much fun simple, wooden toys could be! We took a vote on our favourite toy (old and new) and, surprisingly, the toy with the biggest vote was a simple Victorian spinning top! We decided that toys didn't need lights, buttons or batteries to be entertaining.   
    Thank you to those who let us borrow your precious toys, we looked after them with great care. 




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  • Home Learning - 28/2/22 AM

    Published 28/02/22, by Katie Sturman

    Please complete the science and spelling activities (Spring set 2) below. 

    These have been uploaded onto Seesaw for those who can access this platform. 

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  • School Trip to Wollaton Hall

    Published 23/02/22, by Katie Sturman

    I am very happy to inform you that on Thursday 17th of March we will be going on a school trip to Wollaton Hall! 

    After what has been a very tough couple of years, the ease in COVID-19 restrictions means that we are now able to provide exciting learning opportunities for our children outside the classroom. 

    For our trip, we will be heading to Wollaton Hall to see the bones of a real T-Rex! We will also have the chance to meet Mary Anning and help her identify some really cool fossils. The purpose of this trip is to help enhance the learning we have been doing in our science unit - Animal Planet. It will also help your children really understand why Mary Anning was a significant person and hopefully place a little more meaning into why we are called Anning class! 

    A letter has been sent home this week providing you with all the details of this trip including cost, uniform expectations and a brief overview of our day. A copy of this letter is attached to this blog. 

    If you have any further questions, or would like to volunteer to assist with the trip, please do let me know.

    I know your children are all very excited for this day!

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  • What Toys Did They Play With In The Past?

    Published 21/02/22, by Katie Sturman

    Our new history topic for this half-term is called 'Childhood'. In this topic, we will be exploring the differences between the toys children played with in the past and the toys we play with now. By the end of the topic, we will know what is meant by the 'past' and be able to explain the concept of 'chronological order'.

    Resources your child will need for this topic:
    If possible, please could you send your child in with 3 photographs; one of them as a baby, one of them as a toddler and a recent photograph. It would be helpful if you could also send them in with 3 additional photos of a parent/grandparent as a baby, child and adult. We will place these photographs in chronological order along a personal timeline to help reinforce this very tricky concept. Your child will need these photos on 2.3.22. 

    An additional plea: If you have any toys that you enjoyed playing with as a child (and you wouldn't mind lending to Anning Class), we would be very grateful to explore these in our lessons beginning 9.3.22. 

    We will continue with the second half of our Animal Planet topic where we will learn the 5 animal categories and their features. The knowledge organiser for this unit is attached below to help you enhance your child's learning at home. 


    • You're all doing a fab job with your reading and Doodle maths! Keep it up and we may see another golden envelope coming our way!
    • We are changing the way we hand out our ReadWrite Inc reading books. Books will now be sent out on a Friday after your child has studied the story in school. The purpose of this is to help build their fluency and story-telling abilities.  
    • Please encourage your child to borrow a book off our reading trolley at the start/end of the day - once the weather has calmed down I will be leaving the trolley outside the classroom for you to help yourselves to story books. 
    • PE lessons are on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on these days, including a warm change of clothes incase their session is outside. 
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  • Happy Half-Term

    Published 11/02/22, by Katie Sturman

    Wow! We have had such a lovely last day before the half-term holidays!

    The whole class loved the party games. We had a dance and played lots of fun games including musical statues, colour corners and sleeping lions. Take a look at our photos here.

    All the children have done great work this half-term, and I am looking forwards to seeing you all on the 21st of February.

    You think this half-term has been fun... just wait to see what I have got planned for you when we come back! 

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  • We have fun in Year 1

    Published 04/02/22, by Katie Sturman

    In art this half-term we are designing and creating a dinosaur egg out of clay.

    Last week, we started off by designing our egg using patterns which we practised beforehand.
    This week, we made a dinosaur egg out of clay and used some tools to scratch in our designs. 
    Next week, we will apply our painting skills to decorate our eggs which should be dry enough to take home with us before half-term!

    We all really enjoyed spending time together making our eggs (we even listened to some music and had a little dance). 


    Do you like party games?

    A couple of weeks ago, Anning Class received a golden envelope prize for being the best class on Doodle Maths for 3 weeks! 

    Our prize is a party games session, and we are all super excited for this. We are going to have our party session on Friday 11th February just before lunchtime. 

    Please can you still send your child into school in their school uniform on this day, and we will organise all the fun and games. 

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