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F1 & F2 - Meadow Class

Welcome to the blog page for the Foundation Unit. Our Meadow Class this year has F1 and f2 children working alongside each other.

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  • Superhero World Book week!

    Published 26/02/21, by Sara Lindley

    On the 4th March the whole school will be celebrating World Book Day!

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  • Join in with our learning this week

    Published 20/02/21, by Sara Lindley

    What does it take to become a SUPERHERO?

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  • Are you a KPNS Superhero?

    Published 19/02/21, by Sara Lindley

    It has been a tricky year for the children starting their education within the Foundation Unit.


    As a result, we have decided to explore the topic of “Superheroes” this half term. A major focus, responding to experiences the children have had recently, will be to concentrate on PSED skills (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) We will be learning how Superheroes look after each other and have special superpowers to help solve problems.


    Meet our KPNS Superheroes who will be guiding the children through their activities

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  • Half term Fun!

    Published 12/02/21, by Sara Lindley

    Well we made it to half term!!!!

    A massive thank you to all of the parents  who have worked so hard alongside all of the staff in the Foundation Unit. I thought Mrs King's video was fantastic this morning and truly reflected the thanks we wanted to say to all parents supporting the work we do at school.

    We are looking forward to seeing you after half term, all being well.

    Put your feet up and tell the kids home learning is off the agenda for the week!

    Go ahead and have some Half Term Fun!

    See you all soon

    The Foundation Team x

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  • Wc 08/02/21 Home and school learning for the last week of our topic.

    Published 05/02/21, by Sara Lindley



    Our F1 overview showing activities this week

    Our letters of the week are 'j' (Jumping Jack) and 'w' (Wiggle down, up, down, up, the worm) 

    - Click here to visit Evie and Dodge for an introduction then on another day  click here to have a look at the alphabet songs about each letter. 


    One of your challenges is the I spy game which is attached at the bottom of the blog but here is an extra little clip if you need an activity one morning. I would pause the video each time in order to give your child enough time to have a really good look for the I spy object



    Don't forget you can also do any of the F2 activities if they take your fancy!

    Our F2 overview showing activities this week

    We are asking you to write a few simple sentences this week.

    As well as using the letters 'j' and 'w' in words during our phonics lessons we will be looking at the two different sounds that the digraph 'th' can make. take a look at the video below.




    Activities that both F1 and F2 children can join in with.

    Here are lots of the links to the activities on your overview sheets.

    Take a photo of yourself wearing all of your winter clothes then make a mini me picture where you or your grown up talk about and label your different clothes. Whys not do a painting of yourself in your winter clothes if you have a paint set at home.



    To finish off our topic linked to the snow and ice why not make an ice lolly!

    What clothes do you need to get dressed for a winters day?

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  • A colony of penguins!

    Published 02/02/21, by Sara Lindley

    How hard is it to draw a penguin?

    Quite hard actually and it takes a lot of concentration.

    Our little group of children in Meadow class today really showed a lot of staying power when we tried to master the art of drawing a figure of eight penguin.

    We were inspired by the video below.



    Look at the beautiful penguins they made! Plus we have had Penguin art sent in from home! A life size penguin. Who knew the Emperor Penguin was so tall! Then he even made virtual appearance in Keyworth!


    The day before we had also got in the mood and tried being an Emperor penguin carrying an egg around making sure it didn't touch the ice and get cold.


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  • WC 01/02/21 Will there be some 'Egg'cellent Home and School learning going on next week?

    Published 28/01/21, by Sara Lindley






    A slight change to our usual blog.

    To make the activities more accessible to the younger children in Meadow Class we have set out two overview sheets for the week. One for the F1 children and one for the F2 children. We would love to see more of the  F1 children  getting in touch so we really want you to get some photos and comments on your Tapestry journals. We miss you and we love to see what you have been getting up to! (Plus, Mrs King and I are in charge of checking that you are doing okay so don't be surprised if you get a call from us to say hello and how are you doing)

    As a result we have broken down the activities a little more and sorted them into F1 activities, F2 activities and activities that ANYONE can do! Even Grannies and Grandpas!

    So, first of all - here are the F1 tasks for this week of learning, whether you are at home or doing them at school. We will all be doing the same.

    Here is the overview sheet but the  links and challenge sheets are all on the blog below for easy access. Use this blog as a way of just clicking on one of the activities further down .

    F1 Children

    Click here  to visit Evie and Dodge to hear them find out about the letter 'e'

    And join in with the alphabet song all about 'e'  - click here



    Do you like eating eggs? What is your favourite way? Look how many different ways you can use eggs!

    Whilst you are making something with eggs why not use the egg boxes to do your counting challenge this week

    F2 children

    The F2 children have a couple of things the same as well as some slightly harder challenges.

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  • Put on those listening ears!

    Published 27/01/21, by Sara Lindley

    So at school this week we made our giant listening ears and went for a snowy day listening walk!

    The children were asked the big question...... Does snow make a sound?

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  • WC 25th Jan -Home and school learning ideas

    Published 21/01/21, by Sara Lindley

    As we continue along the pathway of 'lockdown' has your house become noisier and noisier lately???

    We have also been having lots of Stormy Wintery Weather which has meant we have also been having Very Noisy Nights.

    Well this little mouse is certainly hearing lots of noises. 



    As well as this story about a noisy night we are also going to use a really good resource from The National Oak Academy. They have put together a group of lessons that build up each day around the story of The  Noisy House.

    There are three lessons that we are going to visit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. F1's why not have a listen and enjoy the lesson. F2's in particular need to have a go at these and do the activities as they will be giving you the skills we need to start writing stories by ourselves.

    lesson 1  - Listen and respond to a story

    Lesson 2 - Draw a story map

    Lesson 3 - Use actions to 'step out' a story

    We are going to be doing lots of activities about the noises you hear at this time of year and other noises that you might hear in your house or at school.

    Our set 1 sounds that go with these stories are 'n' for noisy Nobby!  and 'h' for horse and house

    Click here to Visit Evie and Dodge to practise these sounds then go on a letter hunt around your house or classroom.

    Click here to visit  the alphabet songs too for these letters 

    We are going to be concentrating on making sure that our letter formation shows the difference between the two letters. Remember, the horse is a lot taller than Nobby! Take a look at the dotted practice sheets at the bottom to help with these letters.

    Why not play a memory Kim's game with the objects you find - just like the one Mrs Boon posted on Tapestry the other day. If you are unfamiliar with this game take a look at this quick video.



    Our signs, symbols and rhyme are all linked to the lessons we will be having this week,

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  • Wb 18.01.21 Ideas for home and school learning

    Published 15/01/21, by Sara Lindley

    At a time when we are all apart this story is tells us about a little polar bear who hasn't got anyone to play with. His only friend is a snow cloud!



    We are going to try something a little new this week  - talk for writing. This is when you talk the story through so that you remember it really well! Then, when it comes to writing something about the story you can remember some of the actions, reminding you of what happened.  Watch this video and have a go together at home or school. What props would you make? Can you draw some pictures to help you remember the story?  What would you write under each of your pictures?



    For our phonics this week -

    For our single sounds this week we are going to look at the letter 'b' (for boots and bears!) and 'c' (for caterpillars and clouds) as well as reinforcing the 's' from last week. Visit Evie and Dodge as well as the alphabet songs to help remember these sounds. 

    We found out about the letter s last week but sometimes it is next to another letter that makes it sound a little different. Not quite a special friend as we can still hear both of the letters but  a 'consonant blend'            sl, sn, st, sp, sm,



    Here are a couple more videos about consonant blends

    For the F2 digraphs (special friends)  this week we are looking at the sounds 'ow' - blow the snow as well as 'ay' - may I play

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  • Next weeks learning for home and school

    Published 07/01/21, by Sara Lindley

    We couldn't really have planned the timing better for our new topic "Where does snow go" as we are certainly experiencing wintery weather galore this week.  A massive thank you for all of the amazing photos yesterday whilst out on your wintery walks. As so much of our Foundation curriculum is practical rather than providing you with a learning mat we have sourced lots of resources for you to click on and have a go at home.

    Remember - our class blog is there as your resource for home learning and the children at school will be doing the same things so we all still feel connected.  We don't get all of it done at school so don't put lots of pressure on yourselves either. It is just handy to have lots of choices available.

    So in line with the rest of the school I will now put this resource up on a Friday so that you have time to get familiar with what we are intending to do the following week.

    Our story next week will continue to build on the learning we have done this week.

    We will be able to use all of the new vocabulary we have exposed to with so may ways of saying cold!

    Take a look at the story below read by the author himself no less.



    For re-visiting the story just before bed maybe why not watch the animated version too. We like the children to hear the story at least three times during the week to get to know it really well.



    Another story that we will be visiting next week is one that introduces the maths concept of "Zero"

    Take a look at "Zero is the leaves on the tree" then maybe have another winter walk to find trees that have zero leaves and trees that do have leaves.  



    Both of those books will support our phonics next week

    For the F1 children we will be looking at the single sounds below

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  • Our wintery walk

    Published 07/01/21, by Julie Gerrard

    Today's focus was to explore the frosty environment around us. 

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