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Keyworth Primary
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F1 & F2 - Meadow Class

Welcome to the blog page for the Foundation Unit. Our Meadow Class this year has F1 and f2 children working alongside each other.

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  • How to grow a flower.

    Published 07/05/21, by Sara Lindley

    Our book this week is not a story! It is a Non -Fiction book all about growing a sunflower.

    We will be looking at all of the information contained in this book and planting our very own sunflower seeds this week. We have some seeds donated by parents and the gardening club members that help to keep our school looking so good. Thank You! Some of the seeds donated were collected from sunflowers grown last year..... just like they say in this book.

    The reason we look at these books and learn songs all about planting seeds is to help develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them by learning about growth and plant lifecycles. Last week singing the story was a really successful way to get the children to remember the different stages so here is another lovely song that includes lots of the signing when we have been learning all about seeds and flowers growing.

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  • The Tiny Seed

    Published 01/05/21, by Sara Lindley

    Our stories for the Bank Holiday week (Remember we have Monday off!) The Tiny Seed and a Seed in Need!

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  • meadow class' garden

    Published 30/04/21, by Julie Gerrard

    We have been creating our own gardens this week  in class

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  • Errol's garden

    Published 23/04/21, by Sara Lindley

    Here is the author of our story this week - Errol's garden. She recorded herself during lockdown and shared the story she had written with everyone.

    Our set 1 phonics sounds this week are to be to introduce or reinforce the letters 'e' 'g' and 'm' as we will be seeing these a lot in our story and nursery rhyme. We often use Evie and Dodge to introduce and reinforce the set 1 sounds as it helps the children to learn how to do "my turn, your turn' as they do it with dodge. We follow it up with an alphabet song from cbeebies too.

    Our set 2 sounds this week will be looking closely at the two different ways the double oo sounds.                      eg look at Errol's roof garden! a short 'oo' and a long 'oo'.

    Other useful links for songs and videos about each digraph - short oo song, short oo phonics lesson, long oo song, long oo phonics lesson

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  • Was there a shark in the park?

    Published 21/04/21, by Sara Lindley

    The children went to investigate whether there was indeed a shark in the park!

    They looked everywhere but luckily we didn't find one!


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  • There's a Shark in the Park!!!!!

    Published 08/04/21, by Sara Lindley

    What will we be doing on our first week back?

    Our new topic for most of the Summer term is "Sunshine and Sunflowers" - lets hope for lots of both!

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  • Easter massive maths

    Published 02/04/21, by Julie Gerrard

    Having eggcellent fun!

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  • F1 bubble - Our Easter Week

    Published 31/03/21, by Sara Lindley

    The F1 bubble had fun and games this week learning all about the letter e and experiencing  lots of activities about Easter. The sun also came out which was a bonus so lots of outdoor activities too.


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  • Super Easter Eggs!

    Published 26/03/21, by Sara Lindley

    As we draw our topic to a close during our last week we will be thinking about Easter.

    We will be revisiting all of the stories we have read over the past five weeks to see what the children can recall.

    We will be seeing if the children can remember their super sounds. So there is no particular letter of the week this week. Instead we will be going on an Easter egg letter hunt to revisit and reinforce lots of their sounds.

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  • Is Kindness your Superpower?

    Published 19/03/21, by Sara Lindley

    We are going to be using two stories this week to reinforce kindness around the classroom.

    The superpower we are trying to promote and will hopefully  see in action this week is kindness.

    Our first story is Kindness is my superpower. If you would like to become familiar with this story please watch the video below.


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  • More real life Superheroes and a superdaisy!!!!

    Published 13/03/21, by Sara Lindley

    This week the author himself will read our book of the week. We always like to use videos of real authors as they know exactly how they want their story to be read because they were the ones who wrote it! So here is the well known children's author Nick Sharratt reading one of his Daisy stories. This time she is SUPER DAISY!

    We will be continuing to learn about real life superheroes to this week and we are going to watch a video all about being a police officer. The video gives the children a better insight into all of the different roles of a police officer- not just arresting bad guys. Our aim is to help the children enter into their own role play situations with a better chance of not getting themselves into a bit of bother! We will be leading their play for a short while so that we can show them how to make good choices when playing independently. Click here if you would like to watch the video with your child too.

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  • Science week fun!

    Published 12/03/21, by Julie Gerrard

    Messages to Hoddy Dodd

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