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Using a parachute to make apple juice?

So it is not everyday you need to have a parachute handy in order to make apple juice!

We couldn't find our trusty apple picking tool so a rake, a parachute and some very eager children did the job really well.

Mrs Lindley used the big rake to get the apples from high up in the tree and the children had to make sure they were underneath to catch them as they dropped. Getting apples has never been such fun!

Later in the day we inspected all of the apples and the children helped to cut out any bad parts or bruises.

We thoroughly washed  the apples and then Mr Lindley lent us his fancy Juicer and we made our own apple juice!

It was such a lovely afternoon with all of the children being fascinated by the whole process.

We finished off by watching a video on how they get juice into the cartons that we drink.

All of this because we were learning about our sound a a a a apple!