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Our letters and stories this week

Incy Wincy Spider is one of  our stories and rhyme this week.  

We will be learning the rhyme and the actions that go with it.



 Watch Mr Tumble teach us the signs for the Incy Wincy Rhyme.



As one of our letters of the week is ' i i insect' we will be watching a video that answers the question "Are spiders insects?" (the answer is



Another quick African tale is about why the spider has long legs. That is going to be our other letter of the week  'l  l  l  l long legs!'





We will also be looking venturing into our meadow to look under the crispy autumn leaves to see if we can find any insects or spiders.

We will be introducing the mathematical concepts of long and short by talking about how Anansi's legs were changed after they stretched. We might need to sort out Incy Wincy's drainpipes into long and short ones too.

Why not join in with some of our activities at home?

Useful links for our learning this week.

Evie and Dodge find out about the letter i

Evie and Dodge find out about the letter l

Little Miss Muffet Dance'n'Beats movement

Cosmic kids yoga - spider pose

Cosmic kids yoga - Stella the Stick Insect

Come outside - Spiders