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p p p pirates and pumpkins!

Our letter of the week is the letter P -   p p p p pirate.

Down the pirates plait, back up and around his face.

We will be singing along with the story "Portside Pirates" and reading the story of Pumpkin soup to link in with our Autumn investigations.






Visit Evie and Dodge for the letter P

We will be bringing in lots of maths into our story as well.

Singing pumpkin number rhymes, making patterns with kebabs,  matching pumpkin seeds to the right number on the pumpkin.


We will be doing "Popcorn the Pirate" yoga on Monday afternoon.

Following on from that we will be listening out for the p p p popping or real life popcorn!

We will be using pom-poms to paint and make art with the colours pink and purple.

The train track challenge this week will to build a magical floating train track around a giant pumpkin.

We will be developing our hand strength and coordination hammering golf tees into pumpkins too.

Finally we will be turning your children into pumpkin pirates by helping them to make a pirate pumpkin eye patch!