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Back with the letter bbbb for the witches boots and broom!

Welcome b b b b b b back!

This week as the children are probably still thinking about Halloween and bonfire night is on its way.  We are going to have 'Room on the Broom' as our story focus this week.

If you haven't got this story to read with your child, then watch this video.



or you can click here and you will be taken to the  BBCiPlayer to watch the longer animated tale.

We will be looking at the witches b b boots as a way of linking it to our RWI letter of the week 'b'

Down the boot, back up and around the laces!

We will be sorting out our school wellington boot collection into matching pairs and painting a beautiful matching set of boots for the busy witch to wear!

We will be watching  Evie and Dodge learn about the letter b and we will go on a letter b hunt around the classroom. Why not have a letter b hunt at home too and send us a photo of the things you find by adding an observation on your Tapestry journal. We love to see the things you do at home!



We will be learning a simple song about the story too. Here is the video that gave us the inspiration but we will try and make our own video  and swap it over so you can see us all singing along!



For children who are already familiar with the letter b we will be extending  their learning by looking at the 'oo' sound used in 'room on the broom'

To support this we will also be looking at the stories of "Poo at the Zoo" and Dear Zoo.

Poo at the Zoo is also the phrase that we say to help the children remember the digraph 'oo' (a digraph is when two letters join together to make one new sound) 

For our Maths this week we are concentrating on numbers that use the number 4. that could be 4, 14, 24 etc. We will be telling the children a tale about Pete the cat and his four groovy b b b b  buttons and we will be using buttons to help us do our careful counting.



Here are just a few more of the different activities that we will be making available for the children to do during the week.

See you tomorrow!