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n n night monkey and d d day monkey!

We are now moving into our new topic area about "Can I switch it on'

As the nights are drawing in and it is getting dark outside we are having to turn on those lights earlier and earlier.

As part of our maths within this topic this week we  will be talking to the children about time. Beginning simply with the concept of ' night' and 'day'.

Our story this week is Night Monkey and Day Monkey written by Julia Donaldson.

This story is also going to help introduce the nnnnn sound and ddddd sound found in a lot of the cvc words the children are starting to blend.

Watch the video of the story book to and listen out for all of the rhyming words too. How many rhyming words can you hear?




The main RWI letter cards we will be using this week are 


We may also have a go at showing the children a couple of the set 2 sounds

ay - may I play                                        and              igh - I fly high.


Visit Evie and Dodge to hear about the letter n



Then  why not sing a long with our new friends from CBeebies for the letter d?

click here to go to the alphabet page and scroll down until you see the d d dinosaur!

The children have been fascinated with the Diwali tea lights around our display this week so we will be developing their interest and letting them explore night time constellations on the carpet. We will be getting our mini planetarium out to transform our classroom into a galaxy far away.

To encourage positive play and exploration around the classroom and outside, we are going to develop lots of ideas around space, rockets and night time adventures. The children will be making their own props and even a technology centre to launch all of the astronauts and rockets into the night sky. They will be making up their own space stories and acting them out together.

Here are a few of the ideas we are going to offer to the children to ignite their imagination! Think about all of the technology we will be discussing. All of those buttons to switch on and off!

Our signs of the week will be day and night!

Our rhyme of the week will help to reinforce the sound 'd' - singing about the dinosaurs and doing actions to help us remember some of the new vocabulary. (Sung to the tune of the wheels on the bus)