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Where does snow go?

Welcome back to school in 2021! Whether we are in the classroom or learning from home our blog page is the place to go for all of the information and resources for the week. If you are stuck learning at home then visit this blog page each morning and take your pick. Choose just one or two of the activities each day,  find a good time to do the activity - one that suits your family and bobs your uncle you will be keeping up with the same activities being done at school. 

Our new "Big Question"  sparking the learning in the Meadow class for the next month is 

Where does snow go?

For the first couple of days we will be looking at the book "Thank you".  It is always nice to say thank you after Christmas for all of the lovely presents we have received. This book also reminds the children of all the people at the moment helping us to keep safe too. After we have read this book we will go through  our "Rainbow Rules" for keeping safe in the classroom .




We will also be using the story of "The Mitten" and "Kippers Snowy day" to introduce our new topic and this week's focus is very much about dressing up in warm clothes to keep us safe on a cold and frosty day.

Watch this video the hear the author herself read the story of "the Mitten"



Our letters and sounds this week use the books for inspiration.

m.........Maisie mountain mountain - needs her mittens to keep her warm!

Th....thank you 

Visit Evie and Dodge to learn about the letter m and practise taking it in turns with Evie to say it.



Sing along too with the cBeebies letter m alphabet song. This Maisie is getting muddy and her mum is mad!

Click here and then scroll to the right and find the letter m!

For the F2 children in particular and any F1 children who want to have a go - take a look at this video showing you the two ways the special friends 'th' can sound when they are together.



Here are a couple of other useful videos for the special friends (digraph)  "th"

For our Maths this week we are looking outside for inspiration too.

visit for a white Rose maths lesson all about winter clothes. Scroll down to session 3 and watch the video. Then - why not have a go at the activity.

 We are going to recap the learning we did about numbers up to 5 and we will be introducing the concept of 'zero'

Here are three lesson introductions and activities from White Rose Maths that are designed to be done easily at home. We will also be doing them at school making sure our learning is the same.

We are going to look at lessons 2,3 and 5 in particular, but feel free to look at 1 and 4 too if you want to.

Let Miss Cooper from White Rose Maths guide you through the ten minute maths lesson and then click on the activity for the day. Then maths is sorted for the morning!

The wonderful words and key vocabulary we will be learning this week

The signs and symbols we will be learning for the week 

Finally - here is the overview of our topic for the next few weeks

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Why does snow melt? How can we keep warm? It’s time to explore the frosty but fascinating season of winter.

This half term, we’ll wrap up warm and head outside for a winter walk to spot frosty windows, icy puddles, icy grass and steamy breath. Back in the classroom, we’ll warm up with a hot chocolate and dress dolls and teddies in outfits that will keep them warm. We’ll explore the best materials for this and describe them. Observing melting ice, we’ll discover how it turns into water. Can we speed up the melting process to free the tiny dinosaurs inside? In our literacy lessons, we’ll look at a range of winter-themed books. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll count snowflakes and stick the correct buttons onto numbered snowmen. Getting creative, we’ll create winter-themed art, make flavoured ice lollies and build a sugar cube igloo! We’ll also share snowy day experiences with each other and compare the temperatures of different areas of the school, inside and out.

Help your child prepare for their project

Snow is magical! Why not make a wish list of all the things you would like to do in the snow together – sledging, snow angels, building a snowman. You never know; snowy weather might be just around the corner! If real snow isn’t available, why not make a cotton wool snowman by sticking cotton wool balls to a toilet roll and decorating with accessories such as a scarf and hat. You could also make paper snowflakes by folding and cutting white paper into pretty patterns.