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Next weeks learning for home and school

We couldn't really have planned the timing better for our new topic "Where does snow go" as we are certainly experiencing wintery weather galore this week.  A massive thank you for all of the amazing photos yesterday whilst out on your wintery walks. As so much of our Foundation curriculum is practical rather than providing you with a learning mat we have sourced lots of resources for you to click on and have a go at home.

Remember - our class blog is there as your resource for home learning and the children at school will be doing the same things so we all still feel connected.  We don't get all of it done at school so don't put lots of pressure on yourselves either. It is just handy to have lots of choices available.

So in line with the rest of the school I will now put this resource up on a Friday so that you have time to get familiar with what we are intending to do the following week.

Our story next week will continue to build on the learning we have done this week.

We will be able to use all of the new vocabulary we have exposed to with so may ways of saying cold!

Take a look at the story below read by the author himself no less.



For re-visiting the story just before bed maybe why not watch the animated version too. We like the children to hear the story at least three times during the week to get to know it really well.



Another story that we will be visiting next week is one that introduces the maths concept of "Zero"

Take a look at "Zero is the leaves on the tree" then maybe have another winter walk to find trees that have zero leaves and trees that do have leaves.  



Both of those books will support our phonics next week

For the F1 children we will be looking at the single sounds below

Visit Evie and Dodge here and find those letters to practice taking it in turns with Evie to say the sounds. What objects can you find in your house that start with those letters

Sing the alphabet songs of those letters too.

We aim to do some sort of phonics every morning. and then do an activity during the day that uses that sound.

For the F2 children we will be using the sounds above to blend and write simple words as well as starting to learn the digraph (special friends) ee - what can you see?





Here are some other great ee videos to help build words with this new sound on other days during the week

this video shows that 'ea' can also make the same sound as 'ee'

At some point during the week can the F2 children draw four things that have 'ee' in them and have a go at writing the words underneath each picture. Take a photo and put it on your Tapestry journal.

For the F2 children - Reading Eggs also has lessons specifically for the sound ee so I have set these as one of your challenges next week. You have 7 days to complete your mission! Your login details were put on your tapestry journals but I will send them out again just in case! There is also peak 7 on Fast phonics too where you have to match all of the sounds before the timer runs out!

Take a look at some of the tasks you have to do. At the bottom of the blog I have also attached some of the sheets that are linked to the assignment. If you have a printer at home then you just need to click on them and you can download them. If you haven't got a printer just use the sheets to get some ideas and have a go on a plain piece of paper. Don't forget to upload to your journal as I will send out a certificate at the end of the week for everyone who completes the challenges.


For our maths lessons next week we will be using White Rose Maths. We are using the Alive in 5 resources at the moment. Plenty of chance to use the number zero and find out how many things there are 'altogether'.

Miss Cooper from White Rose Maths guides the children through each lesson and then there is an activity to follow up with afterwards.

click here for Alive in 5 week 2  - there is one lesson for each day. A quick tip - they tend to follow on from each other so try to do them in order) Take some photos of your maths  and send it to us so we can see how you are getting on.

Our signs and rhyme focus for the week

Other ways to Learn this week through exploration and physical activity.

Visit Miss Robinson's blog and have a go at her physical challenges. We have been talking about games that use scores to why not have a go at being active mathematicians!

Cosmic yoga - Frozen world followed by yoga disco!









Or why not get your whole family together to have a frozen sing along!




Here is a collage of some other activities that could support the learning for next week


We are just giving you lots of resources so you don't have to search yourself. 

One thing we do ask is that you keep in touch via the Tapestry app or email as we will be monitoring the children's engagement to ensure that yet another "Lockdown" does not affect their progress.  For the F2 children Doodlemaths and Reading eggs are there too  and schools expectation is that the children use them as a really easy way of supporting maths and literacy at home as well.

If we travel this journey together we know we can help the children move forwards.

We will endeavour to answer any questions as soon as we see them, which is usually at some point within the day when we have a quieter moment and are not teaching Keyworker children. You will often get a flurry of activity from Mrs G on a Monday or Me on a Thursday as those are the days not working so we can sometimes get more done! Please allow Mrs Boon a little more time as she is with the children all the time.

Have fun next week - The Foundation team