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WC 25th Jan -Home and school learning ideas

As we continue along the pathway of 'lockdown' has your house become noisier and noisier lately???

We have also been having lots of Stormy Wintery Weather which has meant we have also been having Very Noisy Nights.

Well this little mouse is certainly hearing lots of noises. 



As well as this story about a noisy night we are also going to use a really good resource from The National Oak Academy. They have put together a group of lessons that build up each day around the story of The  Noisy House.

There are three lessons that we are going to visit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. F1's why not have a listen and enjoy the lesson. F2's in particular need to have a go at these and do the activities as they will be giving you the skills we need to start writing stories by ourselves.

lesson 1  - Listen and respond to a story

Lesson 2 - Draw a story map

Lesson 3 - Use actions to 'step out' a story

We are going to be doing lots of activities about the noises you hear at this time of year and other noises that you might hear in your house or at school.

Our set 1 sounds that go with these stories are 'n' for noisy Nobby!  and 'h' for horse and house

Click here to Visit Evie and Dodge to practise these sounds then go on a letter hunt around your house or classroom.

Click here to visit  the alphabet songs too for these letters 

We are going to be concentrating on making sure that our letter formation shows the difference between the two letters. Remember, the horse is a lot taller than Nobby! Take a look at the dotted practice sheets at the bottom to help with these letters.

Why not play a memory Kim's game with the objects you find - just like the one Mrs Boon posted on Tapestry the other day. If you are unfamiliar with this game take a look at this quick video.



Our signs, symbols and rhyme are all linked to the lessons we will be having this week,


Our set 2 sound is the trigraph 'igh' - as in 'I fly high' and 'night'. Three letters one sound! We will be concentrating on 'igh' mostly but sometimes the children find words that also have an alternative igh sound. We talk about these but don't necessarily teach them just yet.



Now for a bit of blending

Can you use your Fred Fingers to work out these noisy animals found on a farm.




Our Maths activities for next week

We are going to move onto a new unit in the White Rose Maths lessons.

Growing ....678!     Click here to be take to the page for this weeks lessons.


We are also concentrating a lot on writing our numbers correctly at school at the moment, so we thought we would share the rhymes that we use to help us remember which way to go. I have attached this sheet to the bottom so you can see it more clearly.

Other ideas if you need any more inspiration!

Make some giant ears and take a listening walk then draw a listening map of all of the things you heard. I can't wait to make these giant ears with the children next week!




What are the different sounds you can hear when playing in the snow.  Does it squelch, crunch, drip, splash, thud, crack? Can you draw a picture and think of a word to write under each picture?

For children just getting used to picking up a crayon or a piece of chalk, take a look at this snowman game. It encourages them to move a button or glass bead over the dotted lines to reach the snowman. I have attached these sheets to the bottom of the blog. Once they are confidenty moving their fingers along the line they could have a go with a crayon or felt tip.

How about a bit of Cosmic Yoga again this week bringing in both of our letters 'n' and 'h'

norris the baby sea horse



Miss Robinson has also shouted out to you all to send photos of you exercising so she can put the photo's on her blog! Add them to your Tapestry journal and we will get them over to her.

Remember, we are not expecting you to do all of these activities with your child. They are there as a resource.

However, now that we are getting used to our 'new normal' we do want to see at least two uploads  a week onto your child's Tapestry journal so that we can keep in touch and make sure nobody is struggling.

If you need any help getting pictures onto Tapestry give us a call or email us at