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Wc 08/02/21 Home and school learning for the last week of our topic.



Our F1 overview showing activities this week

Our letters of the week are 'j' (Jumping Jack) and 'w' (Wiggle down, up, down, up, the worm) 

- Click here to visit Evie and Dodge for an introduction then on another day  click here to have a look at the alphabet songs about each letter. 


One of your challenges is the I spy game which is attached at the bottom of the blog but here is an extra little clip if you need an activity one morning. I would pause the video each time in order to give your child enough time to have a really good look for the I spy object



Don't forget you can also do any of the F2 activities if they take your fancy!

Our F2 overview showing activities this week

We are asking you to write a few simple sentences this week.

As well as using the letters 'j' and 'w' in words during our phonics lessons we will be looking at the two different sounds that the digraph 'th' can make. take a look at the video below.




Activities that both F1 and F2 children can join in with.

Here are lots of the links to the activities on your overview sheets.

Take a photo of yourself wearing all of your winter clothes then make a mini me picture where you or your grown up talk about and label your different clothes. Whys not do a painting of yourself in your winter clothes if you have a paint set at home.



To finish off our topic linked to the snow and ice why not make an ice lolly!

What clothes do you need to get dressed for a winters day?



Can you go on a clothes hunt! Perhaps hide a different piece of clothing in each room and then set each other the challenge of finding a whole set of clothes. 



We often need a little bit of help when we are getting dressed in the is our sign of the week demonstrated by the Makaton Lady!



Here are some of the other signs symbols and rhymes we will look at at school this week so why not have a go at home too.

Our song based on an old nursery rhyme tune (Here we go round the mulberry bush)

Our maths for this week

Mainly for the F2 children but we have found that the F1 children love to take part in these too when they can.

Visit week 3 of the growing 6,7,8 lessons on White Rose Maths

You will notice that there is a focus on days of the week and  measuring but we would also like to do a little  on pattern whilst we are dealing with different clothes that are all sorts of patterns.

Go on a pattern hunt and then perhaps sort out some washing..... especially those socks! Socks normally have lots of patterns on them so can you do a little sorting? Great for getting those fine motor skills and getting fingers working  by either hanging them on a washing line or rolling them into a paired ball.


Now......get moving in your winter clothes!




Now for a bit of a different yoga session this week...... a yoga disco! With all of those winter clothes you might need to use the washing machine and tumble dryer so lets get the moves sorted!



Following on from our penguin drawing using the figure of 8 pattern why not try having a go at this exercise.

These type of movements are called - 'crossing the midline' and they help your child make connections between one side of the brain to the other side. This helps massively with coordination and thinking.




If you click on the documents below you will find a lot of the resources for above. If you haven't got a printer, making your own versions is absolutely fine or you can contact us at school if you want help getting some paper resources. Email us at if you have questions.