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WC 01/02/21 Will there be some 'Egg'cellent Home and School learning going on next week?






A slight change to our usual blog.

To make the activities more accessible to the younger children in Meadow Class we have set out two overview sheets for the week. One for the F1 children and one for the F2 children. We would love to see more of the  F1 children  getting in touch so we really want you to get some photos and comments on your Tapestry journals. We miss you and we love to see what you have been getting up to! (Plus, Mrs King and I are in charge of checking that you are doing okay so don't be surprised if you get a call from us to say hello and how are you doing)

As a result we have broken down the activities a little more and sorted them into F1 activities, F2 activities and activities that ANYONE can do! Even Grannies and Grandpas!

So, first of all - here are the F1 tasks for this week of learning, whether you are at home or doing them at school. We will all be doing the same.

Here is the overview sheet but the  links and challenge sheets are all on the blog below for easy access. Use this blog as a way of just clicking on one of the activities further down .

F1 Children

Click here  to visit Evie and Dodge to hear them find out about the letter 'e'

And join in with the alphabet song all about 'e'  - click here



Do you like eating eggs? What is your favourite way? Look how many different ways you can use eggs!

Whilst you are making something with eggs why not use the egg boxes to do your counting challenge this week

F2 children

The F2 children have a couple of things the same as well as some slightly harder challenges.

So now for the F2 challenges

Watch the story with Mrs Lindley and see if you can remember a few facts about Emperor Penguins.

Take a look back at the video to see if you can read the smaller print as that has lots of information in it.

I have attached a sheet for you to have a go at labelling a penguin. You can cut and stick the labels but even better would be to have a go at drawing your own penguin and writing the labels  yourself. ( A dojo point for anyone who chooses that option)

For our phonics this week

As well as the letter 'e'  we will be looking at friendly double letters so watch the video below



We will also be playing lots of games to encourage the concept of playing fair. so another sound associated with that is the trigraph _'air' (and its alternative sound 'are') so lots of fair and share going on this week. Have you got any games at home that will help the children get used to not winning as this is a difficult one for them to cope with (you probably know that already!)

Here is a musical option for your phonics with 'air' ( I will send the children who are up to the 'air' sound a link on their tapestry journals for a RWI lesson  for that sound)



Lets start using our phonics to read simple words. Use your Fred Fingers to sound them out and then put the whole word together. Then have a go at writing the words too. Did you get all of the letters right?

This weeks words are using the letter 'e' in the middle. The idea is to fold over the flap and cover the picture to make it a little more tricky and the children have to work hard to figure out the word. Then .... reveal the picture to see if they were correct!


Moving onto our maths for the week

We are using the White Rose maths lessons - week 2 growing 678.  One each day if possible.

A little bit of extra maths too. Use some egg boxes to put objects in and see how quickly you can tell how many you have got! Can you be a super fast, super accurate, subitiser?



Another challenge for this week - Can you make a small word for the Emperor Penguins to live in? Take a photo for us and upload it to your journal.

Then as well as thinking about how many different ways of cooking an egg there are - do you fancy doing some egg science experiments. I have attached a sheet with some ideas at the bottom. Here is the first one to be getting on with.


Activities for both age groups

Now for activities that anyone can access

Our signs, symbols and rhyme of the week are 

Have a sing song all about eggs



Join in with Mr Tumble and spot the signing for scrambled egg!



This is a fantastically easy way to draw a penguin and engages both sides of the brain. It helps coordination and pencil control.




Miss Robinson is at it again this week setting a PE challenge. Visit her blog to find out about the cushion challenge. Or fancy a bit of a penguin waddle (If you have a balloon handy)



Fancy a bit more movement - try out some Dance 'n' beats



and of course we all love our Yoga for the week.