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Join in with our learning this week

What does it take to become a SUPERHERO?

Our story this week introduces the children to the types of qualities a Superhero needs.

Watch the video below to be guided through the ten steps.




Can you be superhero boys and superhero girls.

Our set 1 letters and sounds of the week will be linked to this

b for boys in boots                                and                        g for girls with a curl!

Visit Evie and Dodge to practice these sounds and have a sing along too with the Cbeebies alphabet songs.

Our set 2 sounds linked to this weeks learning are

oy - toy for a boy                                    and              ir - a girl to whirl and twirl

As we are an Early Years facility and we have been able to get the majority of foundation children back in school we will be reinforcing the days of the week again in order to get back to our school routines. Here are the signs and symbols we will be using this week.



Throughout the next six weeks we will look at real life superheroes and to start off with we will be investigating Firefighters. We ill be using some of the National Oak Academy lessons to help the children find out more about what a firefighter does.

Click here to visit a lesson all about understanding what a firefighter does.

Later in the week the children will also watch a video about how to draw a fire engine. There are some useful tips and vocabulary prompts on this video so why not have a look too - Click here

The idea behind watching both of these videos is to learn some key vocabulary associated with firefighters and fire engines. eg uniform, equipment, extinguish, vehicle and so on.

We will be encouraging the children to write labels and maybe a list of jobs for the firefighter to do.

We will be discussing with the children about the emergency number 999 and reinforcing the importance of only using this number when there is an emergency. We will also be playing this video about a fire alarm going off in a school - We often have to have a practice so this will help them to understand what goes on.

Our maths this week will be to 'Building 9 and 10'. We will be using the lessons form the 'White Rose Maths team' as well as creating our own maths basket for investigating 9 and 10. Click here to visit week 1 lessons for Building 9 an 10

Linked to the maths this week we will have looked at the story "Ten black dots" and the children will be challenged to make a picture themselves using 10 dots as their inspiration.

Now for a little bit of music! 

As we are investigating all about turning ourselves into superheroes we first have to explore all about ourselves. Click here to be taken to the first of a series of music lessons by the ladies at the Oak academy.

Some other singing and music that we will be doing this week will be to learn the traditional nursery rhyme London's burning. Take a look at the video below to hear the nursery rhyme from long ago.