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Superhero World Book week!

On the 4th March the whole school will be celebrating World Book Day!

So....... as we are learning all about being superheroes the book we have chosen to concentrate on is Ten little Superheroes!



We will be taking part in lots of activities that will help to develop skills from som many different parts of the curriculum.

Number is obviously a good place to start with this book. We will be using ten frames to count to 10 and singing lots of number rhymes. We will be learning how to count backwards from 10 too. The F2 children might even have to have a go at some subtraction problems!

Because it was such a busy week returning to school for everyone last week we never got to use the White Rose lessons in school so we will be doing those this week instead. Click here for the Week 1 lessons  'Building 9 and 10!'

Our 'Key Maths Vocabulary'  this week wil be number words to ten

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!

we will also be playing with the small world fire engines and using positional language 

under, on top, right, left, at the side, behind, next to

and finally we will be reinforcing the concept of 

more than and less than

We are all going to become T-shirt Designers too. On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday we will be finding our superhero initials and printing them onto a T-shirt ready for us to wear on World Book Day on the Thursday. If you could send in any plain colour T shirt that you would be happy for us to print on that would be most appreciated. That way you don't have to think about dressing up for a book character. We will have got it all ready for you!.



To support world book week we will also be talking about real life superheroes. We will be linking this to learning about people and our community. At the moment especially we will be talking about how real life people are playing a vital role in making sure we are all healthy and safe. We will be looking at this book as a starting point for the discussion.

We will also be watching this fantastic video so that the children can have some time to reflect on their experiences over the last few months and talk about their feelings. It will act as a really good reminder too that we are still under a lot of restrictions and that we still have to do our bit to keep everyone safe still.



Our set 1 letters of the week will be 'r' for real robots! and 's' for slippery Superhero Snakes!

Our set 2 special friends will be 'ar' start the Superhero Car!

Because we will have been talking about our emotions our signs and symbols this week will give the children a way of communicating how they are feeling.



Our Nursery Rhyme has been altered slightly this week - It is sung to the traditional tune of the Muffin Man but has had a little superhero word change!




Keeping fit will have a superhero twist this week too.



We will be taking part in the second music lesson from the oak academy teachers. We will be developing our singing voices and lots of other ways of making a noise! Our singing spoons will also be having a superhero makeover.  Click here to be taken to the lesson

Fancy having a go at drawing your own superhero character? This lady does it as her job and has to draw her own Kitty superhero everyday! Why not watch and get a few tips from her or use our step by step guide to drawing a superhero.