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More real life Superheroes and a superdaisy!!!!

This week the author himself will read our book of the week. We always like to use videos of real authors as they know exactly how they want their story to be read because they were the ones who wrote it! So here is the well known children's author Nick Sharratt reading one of his Daisy stories. This time she is SUPER DAISY!

We will be continuing to learn about real life superheroes to this week and we are going to watch a video all about being a police officer. The video gives the children a better insight into all of the different roles of a police officer- not just arresting bad guys. Our aim is to help the children enter into their own role play situations with a better chance of not getting themselves into a bit of bother! We will be leading their play for a short while so that we can show them how to make good choices when playing independently. Click here if you would like to watch the video with your child too.

Our signs and symbols for this week reflect our learning all about real life superheroes - all of the people who help us in our community.

The sounds we will be looking at this week to support our story are

set 1 sounds d d dinosaur and Daisy! set 1 sound y y yak (found at the end of Daisy and yoghurt..... scroll to the bottom to find out what we are going to do with the yoghurt)

set 2 - lots of different ways of saying the sound 'ai' found in Daisy (ay, ai and a_e)

We reinforce these sounds in our Read Write Inc lessons during the day but we also use Evie and Dodge to find out words that start with the single letters. We also like listening really carefully to the alphabet songs on cbeebies to see which words we can remember as they are singing about that start with the right letter.

Our Maths this week will focus on 3D shape building using shapes inside and out.

Mrs Gerrard's infamous 'Bog Babies' will be challenging the children to write the numbers 9 and 10 in secret messages. Make sure you don't get them the wrong way around as the message will be all mixed up!

We will be using dice and dominoes to reinforce the numbers up to 10 and look how the numbers combine and compare to each other. Who has more, who has less?

Some of our rhymes this week are singing number rhymes as well as reinforcing the letter d d d !

We will then increase the number up to 10

As we were learning about hospitals last week we thought we would also sing about Miss Polly and her sick Dolly so see the traditional rhyme below

 Lets also get those super hero core muscles working for 5 minutes each day.

Daisy is worried that she is going to end up with peas all over her favourite food.

We will be talking about foods that go together and foods that might make you say y y yuck!

We might add some of our fruit this week to y y yoghurt and have it during our snack time. We will try not to make it a yucky combination and make it yummy instead! 

Other food related exploration and an activity to make sure they remember the letter y with a tactile experience........ aprons essential! Why limit this fun to babies - I think the grown ups will be tempted to have a go too.