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Is Kindness your Superpower?

We are going to be using two stories this week to reinforce kindness around the classroom.

The superpower we are trying to promote and will hopefully  see in action this week is kindness.

Our first story is Kindness is my superpower. If you would like to become familiar with this story please watch the video below.


Is there a secret Super kid in our very own classroom?  There could be (we hope so!) Our second story is   Super kid! Maybe this could be a bedtime story video for you to share together. Can the children drift off to sleep thinking about all of the things they could do to help each other at school the next day?


We will be encouraging the children to think about what kindness actually is? We might have a go at making our own information video to explain to others what we think kindness actually means. see this example below.


Our signing this week looks at words that help us be kind and look after each other.


So I bet you have guessed one of our letters of the week then ?    Yes the letter K for the kind kangaroo! We will also be using our X-ray vision this week so we thought it would be a good time to become familiar with the letter x.

For the older children in Meadow class we will also be talking about why the word super doesn't have the oo sound and has a u instead. As well as linking the sound  to the end of the word kangaroo.

For our maths this week we will be investigating 2D and 3D shape. We will be hunting around the room for shapes and objects and then we will be using them to print patterns in the playdough

We will be looking for lots of 3D shapes to create patterns and then we will challenge each other to carry on the patterns.

Keeping fit this week is by keeping up with the Koo Koo Kangaroo dance troupe and a little bit of cosmic yoga with Kickapoo the kangaroo!


Here are a couple of songs too that  we will be singing all about kindness


Our traditional nursery rhyme this week wil be 'Polly put the kettle on"