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There's a Shark in the Park!!!!!

What will we be doing on our first week back?

Our new topic for most of the Summer term is "Sunshine and Sunflowers" - lets hope for lots of both!

During our first week we will be visiting the park and we hope there are no sharks in there! The little boy in our focus story this weeks seems to be finding them everywhere!

Take a look our story of the week  introduced by the author himself. He then gives us some drawing tips!

An alternative video tells the story using sign language which gives the story an added way of communicating meaning. We often use actions and signing to help the children remember stories and act it out again afterwards. Later on, the actions help them to write about the story as it is much easier to remember the order of the story if you can do the actions to help.

The sounds of the week take come from the story.

Our set 1 sound we will be introducing or reinforcing will be p p p p pirate!or p p p p park!

Visit Evie and Dodge to hear about the letter p.

Then sing along  with the letter p alphabet  song.

Our set 2 sounds for children who have already  confident with their set 1 sounds are ar - start the car. '

ou' - shout it out and 'oy' toy for a boy. All of these sounds are used in our story this week

Here is a good video explaining all about the digraph 'ar. 

Click here for a video about the digraph 'ou' and here for a video about the digraph 'oy'

Our key vocabulary will be making sure the children are familiar with this week are all words you would associate with a walk to the park. eg. park, swings, slide, climbing frame, monkey bars, see saw.

Why not play an I spy game using the word mat below to talk about words found at the park.


Mr Tumble has visited the park this week too. Play along with him to see what he finds. For the older children we might talk about words that rhyme.


Our sign of the week is "park"

Our maths focus this week will be about directional language. In the story Timothy Pope looks up, down, left and right. We will also be using directions such as on top, behind, in front of, at the side of etc.

for the F1 children we will be using numbers between 1-10 and for the F2 children we are starting to introduce numbers between 10 and 20.

Now Lets get moving!

It goes without saying that we could not ignore this action song. Sorry in advance for it sticking in your heads but the children do love it!

For our warm up before PE this week we will be getting our bodies going by practising a bit of martial arts!

Great for exercising at home but make sure you move any furniture out of the way of those sharks

Its all about teamwork for our rhyme of the week too. and not getting too tickly!