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Errol's garden

Here is the author of our story this week - Errol's garden. She recorded herself during lockdown and shared the story she had written with everyone.

Our set 1 phonics sounds this week are to be to introduce or reinforce the letters 'e' 'g' and 'm' as we will be seeing these a lot in our story and nursery rhyme. We often use Evie and Dodge to introduce and reinforce the set 1 sounds as it helps the children to learn how to do "my turn, your turn' as they do it with dodge. We follow it up with an alphabet song from cbeebies too.

Our set 2 sounds this week will be looking closely at the two different ways the double oo sounds.                      eg look at Errol's roof garden! a short 'oo' and a long 'oo'.

Other useful links for songs and videos about each digraph - short oo song, short oo phonics lesson, long oo song, long oo phonics lesson

Our traditional nursery rhyme this week is Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

Here is a  poem we will be looking at is this week too. The vocabulary in it means that we will talk about weather and growing words such as rake, plant, seeds, flowers, sun, shine, rain, blossom, grow.

Can you remember we visited this song a little while ago? lets see if you can still do it with the signs. Pay attention to see what sign Mr Tumble does for "garden"

As the children have not been able to mix with anyone else for quite a long time now we have noticed that they are finding it unusual to see pictures or videos of different types of families. Over the next few weeks we will be trying to show that all families are different but we all share lots of things in common too.

Another song with a little musical lesson at the end - can you sing in the same tone as the bee and the butterfly? The F2 children will also be having a musical lesson about planting in the garden


Our Maths focus this week is going to be counting along number lines either 1-10 or 1-20.

We are also going to be grabbing lots of handfuls eg of seeds, flowers,  and trying to learn how to estimate accurately. The we will be counting carefully to check if we wer right! So our Key maths vocabulary this week will be guess, estimate, check, accurate, more, less, the same as, equals, difference.


How about a couple of making challenges this week. Make a plant container just like Errol.

For the older children (probably with a little grown up help) have a go at making an origami flower just like Errol and his sister.


For some exercise this week lets visit a rooftop yoga teacher who is taking her inspiration from the garden.