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The Tiny Seed

Our stories for the Bank Holiday week (Remember we have Monday off!) The Tiny Seed and a Seed in Need!

Take a look at both of the stories here.



Here is another way to remember the 'Tiny Seed'  story- through a song 


By linking our phonics lessons to our story of the week we get lots of opportunities to reinforce the sounds in lots of different ways. Through dancing and moving, singing, painting, or even mud writing! This way the children remember the letter and associate its sound to one of the movements they perhaps did. What a great way to have a literacy lesson without even knowing it!

The F1 children will be focussing on three sounds from the story this week.

We will ask Evie and Dodge to introduce the children to these sounds and then try and work out what we can hear being sung about in the Cbeebies alphabet song

Children who have moved onto the RWI set 2 sounds will be looking at these 'special friends' (two letters, one sound) ow  - seeds won't grow in the snow! ee- can you see the seeds?

Click here to see an 'ee' phonics lesson and here to see an 'ow' phonics lesson

We will be learning the key vocabulary needed to talk about seeds and what happens to them. 

leaf, roots, soil, stem, petals, seed, water, sunshine, warmth .

We will also be using the terms for the seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

To help the children understand the science behind the process we will be watching this time-lapse video

We will be planting our own seeds and beans too this week.

We will be using seeds all week to help with our Maths too. We will be counting all the way up to 12,  so our focus number of the week is 12!


The F2's will even be trying to count to 12 and beyond by counting in two's. We will be putting things into pairs to reinforce counting in two's as well. Why not have a look at home what you can put into pairs.

Our shape focus will be circles, ovals and cylinders.

We are going to be looking at different flowers and trying to identify and sort them into ones that start with the same initial sound. Jo Jo and Gran Gran like the d d daffodils. Visit Jo Jo and Gran Gran on BBC iplayer to see what happens when they try to grow a daffodil

Can you name or find the different flowers?  d d dandelion, b b blue bells, b b buttercups,  d d daffodils,  s s sunflowers,  s s sweet peas,  p p poppies,  l l lavender.

So, if we are planting seeds we need to think about how to protect them. How about a scarecrow! We will be getting creative and experimenting with design by making our own scarecrows or old CD 'crop protectors' this week and learning how to move like one by remembering the song "I'm a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow."

Another way to develop our physical skills is to get moving each morning and prepare ourselves for learning will be planting a bean which is of course a type of seed!

During circle time this week we will be having a go at this song and learning to do the actions.

Over the next two weeks we will also be looking at how artists paint gardens and flowers. Here are the pictures we will be looking at. Perhaps these are the gardens that Errol was dreaming about from our story last week.