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A present from the King of Magical Creatures - Oberon.

On Monday the children received a mysterious present from Oberon the King of the Fairies and Magical creatures.

We knew it was from him as he loves to write messages on leaves. On the little leaves he had written a note to each of the children in the F2 bubble to say thank you for writing about his favourite flower - the Sunflower!

He was soooo pleased with their writing that he sent them a gift. This gift contained something else that he loves! Caterpillars. He truly thinks these animals are magical because they change their shape and turn into something else completely. He thought the children would like to see this magic happen right in front of their eyes! He told them a magic word to get them to change -


A process in which something changes completely into something different

We talked about what this word meant and the children have already seen a change in the little caterpillars. They are getting fatter and fatter!


The children have been learning all about the different stages from 



cocoon  (we have also familiarised the children with the alternative words pupa and chrysalis)


Inspired by our gift we have also made a couple of caterpillars that are also going to grow - a pair of grass seed caterpillars. Stuff a pair of old tights with compost and grass seed and see what happens!

We are hoping our caterpillars will look like this!

Take a look at the fabulous teamwork going on below in order to create our hairy caterpillars.