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Summer Days and Nights.

This story is in two halves and talks abut the different things we see during a typical summer day and then contrasts it with what happens in a summer night. The book is full of rhyming words so we will be trying to hunt for words that have the same patterns in them.

The F2's are busy learning all about capital letters and the names as well as the sounds of the alphabet.

Here is another catchy video to help explain that each letter has a name and a sound.

Our phonics this week will use the initial letters and the digraphs from the story

For the children learning single sounds we will be looking at the letters 'd' and 'n'

Visit Evie and Dodge as well as the Cbeebies alphabet song to learn about these letters.

For the children learning digraphs - 'two letters, one sound'      'ay' may I play and 'igh' I fly high.

To see a lesson similar to the ones we do at school visit Abi's phonics for 'ay' and 'igh'

Here is the Makaton signing for 'Summer' as well as some extra signs we might be using this week.


We will also be learning a simple rhyme that helps us to learn how to keep ourselves safe in the sun.

Our maths focus this week is all about doubling numbers up  as well as looking at the number 6 and 16. Our key vocab is double, same again, match


This half-term as part of our physical development as well as PSED we are going to be teaching the children a co-operative game each week. This week is the chasing and saving game called Stuck in the muck. As a warm-up prior to having this fast-paced team game we will be getting our bodies ready with Dance 'n' Beats.


For a moment of mindfulness and contemplation about the impact of numerous lock downs we are going to watch a video performed by Pink and her daughter. A video that they made together during lockdown. We will be asking the children to think about what an uplifting song it is and how nice it would have been for Pink to have made this video with her daughter and how proud she was. Our wonderful singing hands ladies have also put their signing to this song.