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The Train Ride


Our single sounds for the week are  't' and 'r'. then we will be looking at the sound they make when the are blended together. 'tr' for train and transport.


For the children who are using special friends/ digraphs we will be looking at the two sounds that can  make the ay/ai sounds.


Here is the key vocabulary we will be using this week.

Now for a magic train ride and a sing song at the same time.

Our nursery rhyme also supports our learning about trains this week.

Our sign of the week is 'train'

Can you spot the sign for train in the singing hands video below?

We have got all the way up to the number 10 and 20 for our numbers of the week!

We will be looking at lots of different types of transport this week. Let's move like Diggory the Dump truck in our Yoga adventure or learn some simple gross motor skills with Dance 'n' Beats Clunker car. 


For our music lessons this week we will be using our rhythm sticks

We may even go on a musical train ride with Mrs Wright from the Oak National academy.

If you want to have a go at the lesson at home too click here.