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Going on a journey?

A musical story leading us to different environments and introducing us all to  wonderful vocabulary. 

A story sometimes doesn't need words at all

Lets re-visit the sign for boat  - and sing the row row row your boat nursery rhyme. A classic favourite. 

Our letters of the week will be the single letter 'b' for boots and boats and we will introduce some of the younger children to the concept of special friends (digraphs) 'sh'-  for ship . Special friends are classed as two letters that make one sound.

For the children already used to special friends we will be looking at the sounds that make the 'oa'  as in boat and 'ow' as in row. sounds.


We will be following instructions on how to make a paper boat.

We will be thinking about all of the different types of transport  we have investigated over the past few weeks. Do they travel by Air? Land? or Sea? How many different ways of travelling can you sing about in the song below?

Lets get our core movements going as we travel across the world to the rainforests!