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What can you see in Summer?


We are going to be finishing our topic this week and thinking about all of the things we have been learning about sunshine and sunflowers!

The book this week will talk all bout what we see in the summer.  We  are also going to be having a go at talking about or writing a simple sentence about what we see in the summer.

Our sounds of the week are 

w  because we are going to be asking lots of questions this week and so many of the question words start with a w! We will also be learning about the letter y as so many things in the summer are y y yellow!

ee - What can you see!

Our sign for the week for the F1 children is sun!

Two slightly different ways to sign this depending on whether you say sun 

or sunshine

For the F2 children we will be looking at the signing for all of the question words.

The children have been noticing lots of buzzy bees flying around the playground this week so our rhyme of the week is . Singing and rhymes are a great way for the children to express new language and communicate with each other.

Our numbers of the week are 8 or 18 and we will be searching for ways to make these all around the unit and the playgrounds.

For our Understanding of the world We will be looking at these video prompt to remind us of what happens in the summer and also thinking about comparing the different seasons of the year. We will try to remember our snowy and icy walks from a few months ago!



So a good question is......... why don't we see snowmen in the Summer? Perhaps someone needs to tell Olaf!

After sports week last week we have also been inspired by using sport to help us remember our phonics! here are some of the games we are going to use to learn our sound of the week and also to reinforce lots of the sounds we have learnt throughout the whole year.

Outdoor phonics football

beach ball football 

phonics football inside