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Our first few weeks in Anning class

Anning class have settled into Year 1 nicely and are continuing to explore all the fun activities inside the classroom and around the school.

Yesterday, the children worked together to set up a puppet show using Supersoap puppets from our lesson about hand hygiene. They created tickets, used coins to pay for their seats and sat in the audience quietly watching the show.  


In science, we have been learning about different types of plants and identifying the similarities and differences between plants found in the UK.

We have been to the woodland area to observe how the trees have changed throughout the season and identified the different types of trees growing in the school grounds. We found lots of deciduous trees but did not find many evergreen trees.

Do you walk past any on your way to school? Maybe you could take a picture and bring it in to show the class!



On an additional note, we are doing really well with our Doodle maths this week, let's keep it up for next week!