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What are green and red cards?

You may have heard your child talking about green and red cards and wondered what they were, so hopefully this will give you a better idea! 

Now your child is in Year 1, the way we reward positive behaviour is slightly different from what you will have experienced from your child being in EYFS. In Key Stage 1 and 2, we award students with green cards for following the Keyworth Code and displaying excellent learning behaviours around school. This can include behaviour at lunchtimes and assemblies as well as during class time. Every time your child receives a green card, they put a sticker on our ‘Good to be Green’ chart in the classroom. Once they have 10 stickers, they will get a prize from Mrs King. Your child can take their green cards home with them if they wish – we do not need to keep them in school. 

Green cards are really special and get given out for exemplary behaviour so don’t worry if your child is not coming home with one every day. Children get rewarded in other ways too- stickers, stamps, points etc.  

Red cards are presented when a student does not follow the Keyworth Code following numerous reminders and prompts. In this circumstance, your child may be asked to stay behind at the end of the lesson or go to see either Mrs King or Mrs Holmes to discuss and reflect upon their behaviour. This gives us an idea of ways which we can support your child to improve their learning behaviour and support their learning journey in Year 1. It also gives your child an opportunity to communicate to us on a 1:1 basis any factors which may have triggered or contributed to their behaviour, enabling us to support them. 

As per our behaviour policy, we will contact you if your child receives two red cards in one week or if we are concerned about a particular incident.  I have attached a link to our school behaviour policy if you wish to read this (it also gives further details about the Keyworth Code).  

I have also had a few questions regarding log ins and account information so just to clarify:

  • You only need a log in for Doodle Maths.
  • Seesaw is for if the school goes into lockdown, and we have to move to home learning . If this happens, I will share all the necessary information with you (but fingers crossed I never have to!)

As always, I am happy to answer any more questions when you have them!

Miss Sturman