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F1 and F2 Little Dreamers

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  • Traditional Tales & CASTLES!

    Published 25/11/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week our big idea questions are:

    • What is a story?  
    • What stories were told 100’s of years ago?   
    • How are castles different from where we live?  
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  • Anti-bullying week

    Published 21/11/22, by Julie Gerrard

    What is a kind friend?

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  • Dear Dinosaur...

    Published 10/11/22, by Kerry Inglis

    Over the next couple of weeks we are blasting back to the past (over 200 million years ago) to find out all about dinosaurs! Our big idea question's over the next two weeks are:

    - What does extinct mean?
    -What does a palaeontologist do? 
    -What is a museum? 
    -Who is Mary Anning?

    We will be sharing these wonderful books....

    Dear Dinosaur 🦖

    Winnie's Dinosaur Day 🦕 

    We will be finding out who Mary Anning is, the woman who helped to discover that dinosaurs did once exist! She was a Palaeontologist and collected lots of fossils.

    We will be singing along and doing the actions for this song!

    Check out the Cbeebies website for lots of dinosaur inspired fun!


    In F2, we will be continuing our small group phonics sessions-the children have been AMAZING during these! The sounds they have been focusing on will be in their reading diaries, along with some reading activities to try at home. 

    As always, keep signing those diaries and working towards your bronze & silver reading awards! 

    You could: 

    • Practise your speedy sounds (just like we do in school) 
    • Make up a story together
    • Share a book together
    • See if you can read any road names/aisles in the supermarkets/writing on packaging etc

    F1's you could have a go at this- pressing the sound buttons and trying to work out what the different noises are.

    Here is the vocabulary F1 will be learning over the next coupe of weeks-see if the children can talk about dinosaurs at home using some of these words:

    Here is the vocabulary F2 will be learning during our two weeks of all things dinosaurs! 

    • Huge thank you to everyone that sent in baby/toddler photos-the children have loved sharing these with their friends this week!
    • If anyone has any stories or books with dinosaurs in at home-we would love to borrow these to share with the children over the next couple of weeks (please make sure your children's name is in them, so we can keep them safe).
    • (F2) Keep up with your doodle maths (we currently have 50% of children on track, which puts us in 4th place across the school).
    • Feel free to have a go at some of these dinosaur inspired activities at home over the next couple of weeks - or think of your own (we love seeing what you get up to on Tapestry!)
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  • How Have I Changed? What is my Heritage?

    Published 03/11/22, by Kerry Inglis

    Next week, our big idea question's from our 'Long Ago' topic are: 

    • How have I changed? 
    • What is my heritage? 

    We will be talking to the children about how they have changed from when they were a baby/younger and things they can do now that they couldn't before. Here are the texts that we are sharing to help get this conversation started:  

    As Peepo is quite an old book, we will be looking closely at the pictures and talking about what we notice and what is similar/different compared to the homes we live in today:  

    We will also be discussing our heritage-all families are unique and have different values, beliefs and traditions. This is our heritage. We will be talking about what we enjoy doing with our families and what we celebrate. 

    We will be talking about the toys we used to play with as a baby compared to the toys we play with now. We will be learning how teddy bears have been a popular toy for hundreds of years and singing this song:

    This week, The F2's will be going into different groups for their phonics sessions (still in the EYFS unit).  Please see reading diaries at the end of the week for what sounds they have been focusing on and how to support their reading at home. 

    Can you play this game to work out the missing letter sounds? 


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  • This Term's Big Idea... LONG AGO

    Published 30/10/22, by Kerry Inglis

    In the Long Ago project your child will learn about their history and how they have changed from when they were babies. They will learn about their family history and heritage and find out what life was like in the past. They will learn about what it was like to go to school in the past and how everyday objects, such as clothes, toys and vehicles have changed.

    We will be sharing stories that have been passed down and told for hundreds of years (Fairy tales), and looking at castles, finding out how long ago they were built and talking about how they are different from the homes that we live in.

    We will also be finding out about dangerous dinosaurs! Your child will find out about prehistoric animals that lived on Earth. They will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. They will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores and find out what the word 'extinct' means. 

    Supporting your child at home

    • Look at photographs of the children as babies and discuss how they have grown and changed.
    • Look at family photographs so the children can see family members when they were children.
    • Talk about what your life was like when you were a child/Grandparents were a child.
    • Go onto the Natural History Museum website and look at interesting facts about dinosaurs together.
    • Go to the CBeebies Dinosaurs website and explore the games and videos together.
    • Look up interesting dinosaur facts to share them with the class.
    • Visit a local castle or historic building (remember to share your photos with us on Tapestry!)
    • Share traditional tales and see if your children can re-tell the key parts from the story (Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel etc).
    • Share and discuss the ‘Big Ideas’ resource – sharing ideas about the enquiry questions and talking about the vocabulary.

    Here is our Big Ideas poster (please see clearer copy as PDF attached below)

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  • Adventure Island-Fairies.

    Published 26/10/22, by Wendy Boon

    After unlocking the Mustard tin by cracking the code we discovered a clue which took us to the woodland.

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  • Happy Half-Term Little Dreamers!

    Published 13/10/22, by Kerry Inglis

    We couldn't be any prouder of how well the children have settled into Little Dreamers life this half-term- they have been utterly amazing!

    We hope you all have a lovely break, having lots of fun and some well deserved rest! 

    We would LOVE to hear what you get up to over half-term... This could be having a film night, sharing a favourite book, exploring on an autumnal walk, dressing up for Halloween, baking a delicious treat... It can be absolutely anything the children would like to show us. 

    If you could upload these photos in one post on tapestry that would be great.  We will print these and use them for a talking/sharing activity with the children once they are back in school. 

    We have to note that tapestry is quite expensive and if it is not being accessed regularly, we unfortunately might have to lose it. 

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  • Marvellous machines... Computers!

    Published 06/10/22, by Kerry Inglis

    Our final week of our 'Marvellous Machines' topic... Our big questions are:

    What are computers used for?

    How do we power our machines? 

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  • Marvellous Machines... Robots!

    Published 29/09/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week our big ideas questions are:

    What does a robot do?

    What does an engineer do? 

    We will be looking at different robots and machines and the incredible jobs they do... Including hoover robots, robots that can build cars and machines in factories that make things that we use every day! 

    We will be sharing this brilliant story:

    Along with the sequel... No Bot-The Robot's New Bottom!

    We will be moving and grooving to these vintage Barney tunes:


    Along with making our own 2D shape robots and of course doing lots of improvised robot dancing!



    We are SO PROUD of how brilliantly the children are doing with their phonics. We are starting to be extra speedy with our sounds and trying really hard to form them correctly. We are also starting to blend sounds together to read simple words! Keep up the super work Little Dreamers! 

    The sounds we will be learning to read and write this week are: 

    We will be learning our first special friends 'sh' - these are two letters that make one sound. We will spend two days rather than one day learning 'sh'. Here is a video of teaching the children to read the sound 'sh'.

    In maths, we are continuing our White Rose topic 'just like me'. We will be looking at comparing sizes, weights and capacities as well as exploring simple patterns. Here are some activity ideas of how you could support this learning at home:

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  • Blast off!

    Published 23/09/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week we will be exploring the big idea questions: 

    Where do rockets go? 
    What is an astronaut?  

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  • What vehicles travel in the air and on water?

    Published 14/09/22, by Kerry Inglis

    We are continuing our 'Marvellous Machines' topic and looking at transport that travels in the air and on water. We will be looking at aeroplanes, creating our own role play plane (passports included) and finding out who Amelia Earhart is (ask us at home!). We will be looking at the wonderful underwater machine that is a submarine as well as making our own boats and testing out if they float or sink in our water tray. 

    We will be sharing this fabulous story all about Emma Jane's Aeroplane and how she travels around thew world 🌎✈️ have a listen at home: 

    We will also be singing and practising some jazzy yoga moves to this song with lots of different modes of transport: 

    Check out this Cbeebies episode to have a look at lots of marvellous flying machines!

    Can you complete the transport sorting activity attached to this page? You could print it or just say whether you think the vehicle travels on land, sea or the air!

    🚀 🚓🚐✈️🚡🚢🚜 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚀 🚓🚐✈️🚡🚢🚜 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗

    (F2) This week we will be learning to read and write these sounds...

    We are so incredibly clever and have started reading simple words in our phonics lessons. Have a look at this video to see the way we teach blending in school... You could have a go at reading some words using your speed sound cards! Show your grown-ups how amazing you are! Remember to sign those diaries- it's wonderful to see how much reading you are doing at home. 

    This week we will be starting our White Rose Topic- '1,2,3 Just like me'. Here is an overview of the skills we will be covering:

    • Remember school is closed for the Queen's funeral on Monday 19th September. School will also be closed to children on Friday 23rd September as it is an inset day. 
    • (F2) Remember to keep being whizzy and staying in that green zone on doodle maths- Mrs King says little and often is perfect (5 minutes a day to collect those stars!). Let us know if you have any issues with your login. 
    • Next Thursday (22nd) there will be a phonics meeting straight after school in the hall - find out all things RWI and how you can help support your child at home. 


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  • What Vehicles Travel on Land?

    Published 08/09/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week our big idea questions are:

    • What is a vehicle?
    • What vehicles travel on land?

    We will be talking about all the vehicles we spotted during the tour of Britain last week including ambulances, police motorbikes, a breakdown van and of course the super speedy bikes! We will be looking at vehicles and their wheels and thinking why do some vehicles have such big wheels? (e.g. a tractor).

    We will be sharing this brilliant story: You can't take an Elephant on a Bus, have a listen at home:

    We will also be singing and learning the makaton signs for the song 'the wheels on the bus'

    Our makaton signs of the week will be learning colours... Here's the prime colours you could have a go signing at home.

    🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗🚓🚐🚜🚦 🚖🚛🚙🚔🚋🚗

    Here are some activity ideas you could try at home linked to out topic: 

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