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  • Owl Babies

    Published 26/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    This week we are going to ask the question - Do animals sleep at night too?

    We will be using the story "Owl Babies" to teach the children about nocturnal animals such as owls, foxes, bats and, hedgehogs and badgers.

    Here is the delightful animation of the story.

    As usual we will be linking our phonics to our story of the week.

    We will be checking that the children recognise the letter 'o' and are going in the anticlockwise direction as they try to write it.To help with that we have started to say "back around the orange" This gives the children a little prompt as to which direction they go when they start to write it.

    We will also be introducing the special friends (two letters, one sound) 'oo' as in twit two! and  we will be explaining the 'ow' in owl.


    As some of the children are not able to be in school at the moment here are a couple of phonics lessons for you to play.



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  • Cleaning Our Teeth

    Published 23/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    We have been learning about how important it is to clean our teeth.

    It needs to be part of our bedtime routine and our morning routine too.

    Listen to the catchy song!

    Take a look at the very practical way we have been learning about cleaning our teeth!


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  • Children in Need

    Published 19/11/21, by Julie Gerrard

    Another busy and exciting week.

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  • Lots of stories and rhymes about bedtimes.

    Published 19/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    For next week we are turning our attention to bedtime routines and actually getting to sleep!

    Watch the lovely animation of one of our favourite stories. 

    Another lovely story all about getting to sleep  is Peace at last.


    Letters that we will be getting to know this week are......... letters that make the 'c' sound. 


    We will be talking about sleep a lot this week so we will also be looking at the special friends 'ee'

    Visit Evie and Dodge to reinforce these sounds at home or sing along with an alphabet song and play I spy with words that start with our letters of the week.

    Can you blend the letters together to make simple words?


    Mr Tumble is going to teach us some useful signs for bedtime this week

    Our nursery rhyme this week is Hickory Dickory Dock

    There will be lots of talk too about 'who helps to keep us safe whilst we are asleep?'

    In fact - does everyone go to sleep at the same time?

    We will be talking about the signs we see that tell us it is time for bed and the routines we do to get ourselves ready. There are lots of rhyming words in this story. Can you spot them?

    Our maths focus this week ...... We will be looking into the different ways we can make 4 and 5 as well as introducing the children to squares and  cube shapes.  We will be using the lessons from our White Rose Maths scheme using the Light and dark lessons from week 2. If you want to take a look at these at home click here

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  • Let's Celebrate!

    Published 11/11/21, by Julie Gerrard

    We have had huge amounts of fun this week learning about how we celebrate.

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  • Astro Girl!

    Published 11/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    For our story this week we get to meet another child who dreams of shooting off into the dark to explore!

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  • Why does it go dark?

    Published 10/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    We have been learning all about Day and Night.

    One of our big questions has been.................Why does it go dark?

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  • Look Up!

    Published 05/11/21, by Sara Lindley

    As part of our topic about starry skies we are going to be doing a lot of looking up this week.

    We met the astronaut Chris Hadfield in last week's story and this week we will be finding out about Mae Jemison, the first Afro-American woman in space.

    We are also very interested in learning about the people who write and illustrate our books this term so when we can, we will show a video of them either reading the books they have written or talking about how they went through the process of making the book.

    The sounds that we will be learning in conjunction with our story are the single sounds 'l' for leg and look! and 'u' for up and umbrella!


    Visit Evie and Dodge to practice these new sounds. What words can you think of that start with a 'l' or an 'u''?

    or sing an alphabet song!

    How about having a go at blending sounds together to make words starting with l


    The special friends have been chosen as they make an alternative 'u' sound. They are 'oo' look at a book!

    Our nursery rhyme this week is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We are going to learn the signs to accompany this favourite song.

    Later in the week we will be finding out a little more about Mae Jemison the Astronaut.

    Next week we are still learning all about numbers 1 to 3. However, we are looking more closely at how to create the number 3. For example that 3 can be made by putting 2 +1 objects together. In school we will be looking at some of the white rose activities which you can also access at home.

    For our movement and physical development we will be having a space dance lesson.


    To get our fingers and hands ready for pressing lots of space rocket buttons we will be doing these tricky exercises too each morning. These take a little practice and a lot of concentration. We are just going to try exercise 1

    Other stories we will be looking at this week

    How to Catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

    Underneath the love umbrella by Davina Bell







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  • The Darkest Dark

    Published 30/10/21, by Sara Lindley


    Our topic over the next half-term is called "Starry Skies"

    We do this at this time of year for several reasons.

    There are lots of festivals at this time of year that use light and dark as part of their celebrations.

    The stars are particularly noticeable at this time of year.

    But most importantly, all of a sudden the nights have drawn in,  it even gets dark as we are finishing school. Soon even the mornings will be dark too.

    Lots of the children find the dark quite a scary thing and we want to provide a safe environment where they can talk abut their worries with each other and see that they are not alone in their fears about the dark.

    Some stories in our topic are chosen to start conversations about whether they like to have a night light on because they are afraid of the dark or possibly worry about the shadows they see when the lights go off. This is part of their PSED curriculum (personal, social and emotional development) We always put the story on the website on the Friday before so that you can get to know the story too at home with your child and should they have any questions or worries you can let us know via tapestry. Mostly children find stories a comforting way to work through their fears but there are times when a story can worry them ... so just drop us a line on Tapestry or let us know when you see us in the morning  if your child has not responded well to the story. 

    As you will see below........ even astronauts can be afraid of the dark.

    This story was actually written by a real astronaut! Someone who has actually been into space and seen how dark it really is up there! As a child he was a little worried about the dark, so he thought he would write a story for all of the children who perhaps need a little help getting to sleep at night. Here he is reading his own book and introducing you to his dog Albert!

    The sounds linked to the stories this week will be the single letters d and k found in the word dark.

    I wonder if d d dinosaurs were afraid of the dark?


    For the children learning "special friends"  we will focus on the Trigraph (three letters, one sound) "igh" This trigraph is used in lots of the words we will be introducing over the next few weeks such as  night, light, bright, sight, fright!

    Our 5 minutes of movement each morning will be "Little Pluto"

    Later in the week when we do Our PE lesson we will be reinforcing the letter d in our warm up. Why not have a go at home and get your exercise in.


    Our signs of the week will all be about day and night.


    For more information about our "Big Ideas' for this half-term take a look at our posters below.

    They show you the knowledge we are going to be teaching the children. The enquiry questions that will lead the learning and the key Vocabulary that we will be teaching.

    We are combining two projects "Starry Skies" and Sparkle and Shine"

    For a clearer version scroll down to the bottom and open up the documents.

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  • Mr Gumpy's Outing

    Published 08/10/21, by Sara Lindley

    We have been doing lots of exploring this last half-term.

    We have explored our school and talked about the rooms we see and the people who work in them.

    We have explored  our houses and looked at the rooms and their different purposes.

    This week we will talk about exploring the outside and go on another little Autumn walk around our school grounds. The weather is starting to turn and our school environment is changing.

    Mr Gumpy also goes on an outing and this is our focus story for the week. Take a look at the video below to listen and watch the story. To help really learn the story why not have a go at using the signs. 

    The  single letters we will be looking at this week inspired by our story are 'g' and 't'


    Visit Evie and  Dodge or Cbeebies alphabet songs to spot the letters of the week.

    Have a go at blending with the letter t and building up some magic words

    For children moving onto learning special friends we will be finding words that use the 'ng' sound eg outing, string, thing.

    Following on from the fabulous photo's  sent in last week we will be learning the different signs for things in your home.

    The children absolutely LOVED their show and tell time talking about their pictures with the rest of the class. Their faces lit up when they saw themselves on the big screen. It really brought their learning to life for them so thank you so much for participating on Tapestry.


    Our 5 minutes of movement each morning is going to double check we are all familiar with the different parts of our bodies!






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  • The Baptism of Charlotte

    Published 07/10/21, by Julie Gerrard

    As part of our RE topic about the world around us we have been learning  all  about Baptism

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  • In Every House, On Every Street.

    Published 30/09/21, by Sara Lindley

    This week our explorations are very much all about our own houses.

    Watch our very enthusiastic storyteller read you our focus book for the week


    Stick insects by Valerie Bodden

    The beetle book by Steve Jenkins

    For our activities next week we need a photo of your child in front of their own house! Even better....... a photo of them with their family in front of their own house!  Turn those camera's around and take a family selfie then upload it as an observation into their Tapestry Journal.

    Then, for the children who have an uploaded photo we will give them some 'show and tell' time to talk about their house and who the special people are that live with them in that house.

    If anyone needs a hand with uploading a picture to Tapestry then ask us at the end of the day and we will help you out.

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