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F1 and F2 Little Explorers

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  • Beatfeet 2022

    Published 18/05/22, by Wendy Boon

    We have been having a lot of fun dancing and drumming on Thursday and Friday mornings. 

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    Published 11/05/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week, we will be consolidating all the information we have found out about the wonderful world that we live in! We will ve revisiting all of our big ideas questions and key vocabulary. We will be setting up the classroom in the style of different countries. We will be making passports, boarding a pretend plane and checking in and experiencing different activities from all around the world! 

    We will be watching and singing along to this lovely version of 'What a Wonderful World' 

    We will be finding out about the Queen's Jubilee - 70 years on the throne! We will be making flags, crowns and some yummy treats to celebrate! 

    Watch this lovely animation... After a sudden burst of wind in Buckingham Palace, the Queen's hat gets carried away around London. Fortunately, a trustworthy guard and a playful corgi run after it!

    The children are wowing us applying their phonics skills to their reading and writing - keep up the super work little explorers!

    Have a go at this game at home (the children love it in school) - you have to blend the word and see if it's treasure (real) or rubbish (nonsense word). Select phase 2 or 3 and the special friends your children know.

    Phonics Play- Buried Treasure Game 

    Here are a few speedy sounds lessons you could watch at home with sounds the children are finding particularly tricky.

    The children are trying so hard to spot special friends in their reading-here are some videos to show you how we teach reading to children called 'word time' which we do daily in our phonics sessions. 

    Here is a video showing how we spell words using our 'Fred Fingers', we use this strategy to help segment words to hear all the sounds and then pinch the sounds to help us match them to letters when writing.

    For our F1 children, have a listen to this Fred Talk game, helping children blend sounds together!


    We are continuing our White Rose topic on 'Find my Pattern', we will be focusing on sharing and grouping.

    Check out this numberblocks episode, exploring patterns that make 10. 


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  • All around the world!

    Published 11/05/22, by Kerry Inglis

    The children are really enjoying our 'Big Wide World' topic. This week we will be focusing on the big ideas question 'How do we travel around the world?'. We will be looking at different modes of transport and talking about which ones are practical for travelling long distances. We will also be comparing past and present modes of transport and talking about how transport has changed over time. 

    We are lucky to have our topic come to life, with Mrs Gerrard going on holiday this week! We will be following Mrs Gerrard's journey, tracking her on a map on the cruise ship she is on! How exciting. 

    We will also be sharing the great book 'Coming to England', an uplifting, true story about Floella's journey from Trinidad to London, overcoming adversity and making friends. Have a listen at home...

    Check out these brilliant CBeebies episodes .... Stories about the everyday lives of children living in countries around the world.

    We are so proud of how hard the children are working in their phonics sessions. It would be great for this learning to be consolidated at home, reading their new reading books or ditties with them at home a couple of times a week. Let us know how they get on by writing a comment in their reading diary. 

    Here are a few sounds the children are finding particularly tricky, have a watch of the RWI videos to help the children embed these special friends in their reading and writing. 

    Have a go at this phonics play game- a fun blending game where you can sort real words into treasure and nonsense words into trash (select phase 2, 3 or 4 depending on which sounds your children know). 

    We are also working on our drawing skills in class, have a go at drawing along with Squiglet at home! We would love to see your drawings!


    This week we will be starting our white rose topic of 'Find my pattern', we will be looking at what the word doubling means, and applying it using different resources. Have a look at the overview below, can you have a go at one of the challenges?  

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    Published 05/05/22, by Kerry Inglis

    We are continuing our 'Big Wide World' topic... We will be exploring how everyone around the world is unique and that is what makes the world such a special place! We will be sharing different stories that celebrate diversity and exploring different cultures and communities from around the world. 

    Have a listen to this lovely book 'One World Together'- Where would you like to visit in the world?

    We will be talking about how we are all wonderfully unique... Have a listen to this story, you could then have a go at one of the home learning challenges attached to the blog post below. As always, we'd love to see what you get up to on Tapestry or bring your creations into school.

    The children are trying so hard with their reading and their writing, huge thank you for everyone supporting this at home. Check out these Read, Write, Inc videos to help children embed sounds they are finding particularly tricky.  This week it is special friends 'sh' and 'th'. Special friends are sets of letters that make one sound. In this case, two letters that make one sound. As always, we love seeing your reading at home and your lovely writing that comes into school!  

    Have a look at some of these writing ideas for children to apply their phonics skills at home.

    For the children in F1, can you blend together what Fred is saying in this Fred talk video.

    In Nursery next week, the children will be focusing on their voice sounds and the different sounds they can make. Here are some activities that you could try at home.


    We are starting our White Rose topic on First, Then and Now and solving number problems (see Handa's surprise blog post for more information on White Rose topic breakdown).

    Here are some ideas you could try at home linked to our topic.

    This is also a great game, if the children are feeling up to a tricky problem-solving challenge! 






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    Published 28/04/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week we are continuing to find out about Africa! We will be pretending to go on safari and seeing what animals we can spot. Check out Andy's safari adventure to see what animals we might see!

    We will be sharing lots of lovely African stories including 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt

    We will be reading 'Tinga Tinga tales' - an African story of how the elephant got his trunk! Check out this animated version...


    The children are trying so hard with their reading and their writing, huge thank you for everyone supporting this at home. Check out these Read, Write, Inc videos to help children embed sounds they are finding particularly tricky.  This week it is special friends 'ch' and 'ng'. Special friends are sets of letters that make one sound. In this case, two letters that make one sound. As always, we love seeing your reading at home and your lovely writing that comes into school!  

    RWI video speedy sounds - 'ch' 

    RWI speedy sounds - 'ng' 

    For our F1 children, check out this Fred Talk video to help with blending sounds together:

    Fred Talk- at the zoo 


    In maths, we are continuing our White Rose topic of 'To 20 and beyond' see last week's blog for more information. Check out this helicopter game to help children consolidate numbers to 20 (selecting numbers 0-20).

    We will also be exploring capacity and experimenting with which bottles can hold the most water for our safari trip! Have a look at this NRICH activity that you could do at home.


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    Published 21/04/22, by Kerry Inglis

    Our story of the week is 'Handa's Surprise' ... Another one of our favourites! Watch the animated version of the story below. 

    What is your favourite fruit? Can you re-call any of the cheeky animals from the story? Have you ever felt surprised? 

    Can you draw a story map to re-tell the story? Have a look at some of our 'Handa's surprise' inspired actvities to try at home (attached at bottom of the post).
    As always, we would love to see what you get upto on Tapestry! 

    We will be also learning this traditional African folk chant which has a great beat. Sing along at home!


    We are continuing to use the blog to practise the sounds we are finding particularly tricky in our reading and writing.

    This week we have special friends 'ng' and 'nk'... Special friends are two letters that make one sound.
    Click the links to watch the videos and practise sounds, 'ng' and 'nk'.

    We are also trying to embed our red words, spotting them in our ditty books and applying them to write simple sentences. Red words are tricky words, that often appear in texts, they usually can't be sounded out and having 'tricky letters' in them.

    Watch this video, Rosie will help you to remember tricky words 'the' and 'no'.

    Our F1 children are doing a brilliant job at 'Fred Talk' games in Nursery... Pushing sounds together when they have been segmented. Watch this this 'Fred Says...' video  or play your own Fred talk game at home. 


    We are getting so whizzy with our maths! This term, we are starting a new scheme of learning in our White Rose programme called 'to 20 and beyond' find the breakdown of the coverage following this link to the White Rose website. Also, check out the scheme of learning attached below, which has lots of activity ideas you could try at home. 

    Follow this link this link for some great interactive, ipad friendly games that will help children consolidate numbers to 20. 

    .This number block episode is all about the 'teen' numbers! 

    Get moving and singing at home with this great African 'A lion has a tail' song.


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    Published 18/04/22, by Kerry Inglis

    This week, we are kicking off our 'Big Wide World' topic with the brilliant book... The Snail and the Whale, written by one of our favourite authors Julia Donaldson! 

    This tale, is about a little snail who longs to see the world so hitches a lift on the tail of an enormous whale. Together, they go on an amazing journey past icebergs and volcanoes and meet some animals along the way.  Have a listen to the story: 

    This story will help bring our topic to life, exploring the vastness of the world, introducing what habitats are, as well as the difference is between land and sea.

    We will begin to have discussions on some of our big enquiry questions such as 'What does a globe show us' and 'Where abouts are we in the World?' -  using the globe, maps and Google Maps to pinpoint where the UK is and see what shape our country is. 


    The children are doing so brilliantly with their phonics! Huge thank you for all of your hard work at home with their reading and speedy sounds.

    As well as learning new sounds in school, we are going to use the blog to focus on a few sounds that the children are finding particularly tricky applying in their reading and their writing.
    This week we will be focusing on 'f' and 'h'... 

    Click the links below and have a go at watching the Read, Write, Inc videos to help the children embed these tricky sounds.

    RWI video - 'f' 

    RWI video - 'h' 

    If you are in F1, have a go at some blending with Fred's adventure to the seaside!

    Fred Talk- Adventure to the Seaside  

    Also, check out this lovely song of our book of the week, performed by Julia Donaldson herself and her husband Malcolm. Can you listen out for any rhyming words? 

    We've also added some nice activities we found all things 'The Snail and the Whale'... See the attachments below.

    We can't wait to see you all on Tuesday and hear all about your Easter holidays!


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    Published 17/04/22, by Kerry Inglis

    We hope you all had a fab Easter break together and enjoyed the lovely sunshine! Fingers crossed the wonderful weather stays 🌞🤞

    If you fancy sending us any photos of what you’ve been up to during the holidays, please feel free to send them in on Tapestry. The children always love sharing these in class. 
    We can't wait to see you all on Tuesday! 

    Our new big idea for the next half-term is... 'The Big Wide World'

    In the Big Wide World project, your child will find out about the amazing world in which they live! They will learn about different climates and explore habitats and the animals that live there. They will locate the United Kingdom on a world map and compare life in the United Kingdom with life elsewhere. We will be learning about different cultures, celebrating differences and talking about how we are all wonderfully unique!

    How you can support your child at home:

    • Share and discuss our ‘Big Ideas’  poster (see clearer PDF at the bottom of the page).
    • Use Google Earth to explore where you live and look up places you would like to visit.
    • Talk about places around the world you have visited, or places that family members or friends live. Look at the places on a map and talk about ways you might travel there.
    • If you've been on holiday, send in photographs of where you went for the children to talk about in class. If you go away, send a postcard to school, and we can add to our United Kingdom or world map.
    • Watch episodes of ‘Where in the world’ on CBeebies. What can you find out about life in other countries?

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  • Happy Easter everyone!!!

    Published 01/04/22, by Julie Gerrard

    Have a wonderful Easter and a lovely break. We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

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  • Trolls

    Published 25/03/22, by Wendy Boon

    This week our story has been about the Three Billy Goat's Gruff.

    One of our challenges was to design a Troll using clay. 

    Have a look at our collection of Trolls we made. Click here for the gallery of Trolls 

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  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff

    Published 19/03/22, by Kerry Inglis

    Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing the book of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We will be looking at different versions of the story and becoming super storytellers, re-telling the tale ourselves and acting it out using props. 

    We will be continuing our big ideas question of what is a structure? ... Learning that structures are not just buildings but bridges and monuments too. 

    The children have been brilliant at designing and making their own structures over the past few weeks. We are now ramping up the challenge to build bridges that balance and can stay intact when the small world Billy goats trample across them!

    Here's an animated version of the story... 

    We will also be sharing this brilliant Julia Donaldson story, 'The Troll' , combining the character we know with pirates! Have a listen here:

    We will be designing and making our own trolls to put on display in our 'Troll Museum'.  We will be applying our phonics by giving them alliterative names (e.g. Moody Margaret, Grumpy Gilbert etc).

    In phonics, we are continuing revisiting our set 1 sounds to help us apply them confidentially in our reading and writing. Here are the sounds we are focusing on this week, have a go at forming the letters at home... Or if you're feeling up for a challenge writing some words with them in! You could use your speed sound cards to help you.  Remember our special friends are two letters that make one sound.

    Week 1 (21.03.22)

    Have a look at this Alphablocks episode to help learn the 'z' sound...

    Week 2 (28.03.22)

    For those children who have red ditty books, check out this video to see how you can support your child reading them at home: Ruth Miskin- Supporting child reading red ditty books. 

    In school, we are going to be talking about Spring, and seeing if we can spot some signs of spring outside. Can you play SPRINGO at home (see attachment below).
    What signs of spring can you see, smell and hear whilst out and about? We would love to see photos on tapestry! 

    As always, we LOVE seeing what you are getting up to at home. Any adventures, activities or just something you'd like to show us... Send it in on tapestry. The children really enjoy sharing their tapestries with their friends at snack time. 


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  • EYFS science week

    Published 18/03/22, by Julie Gerrard

    We have had lots of fun this week learning about science.

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