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Our first story of the week

We are so looking forward to our first full week as the Little Explorer Class

A big welcome back to all who are familiar with the unit and a huge hello to all of our new starters and their families.

We use our blogs to communicate all of our learning so that parents can really get involved and  know that when their child comes home and they say they have done nothing all day..... they actually have been learning a lot without even knowing it! 

To introduce the letter of the week we always use a story. Then we spend one whole week really getting to know that letter.

This week our letter is the letter 'm'.  We always start teaching the children the small lower case 'm' and introduce capital letters later in the year. This means they do not get confused.

We often try to record one of our Foundation team reading the story but occasionally, if there is a really good version available online or even the author of the story themselves reading it, we will attach that link instead.

Lots of the stories we are going to be using this year are new and unfamiliar, so we will always give you a link to a video so that you can share them at home too. At school,  we will always try to read the book itself as it is important for the children to have real experience of storytelling and real books.

The children will be experiencing their first phonic lessons linked to the letter of the week.  We will be introducing the letter 'm' or reminding the children about this letter if they have already become familiar with it.

For  children who are already confident with this letter we will be learning about the double letter 'ff' only making the 'f' sound once. eg Little Miss Muffet. This is going to be our nursery rhyme for the week as it reinforces all of our phonics.

Cbeebies have great resources that we use at school to reinforce the work we do with the children. Why not watch them at home too. The children love to watch Evie and Dodge introduce the letter of the week and sing along to the Cbeebies alphabet songs trying to find as many objects that start with the letter of the week. We are also starting to use the alphablocks resources to introduce early blending of letters. Take a look at this weeks video of 'm'



We are going to be getting our fundamental movements sorted out every morning for 5 minutes too using the Little Miss Muffet rhyme.

In the Little Explorer's Class we also like to use lots of ways to communicate. As a result we try to teach the children simple signs and symbols. Take a look at the signs and symbols we will be looking at this week.