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Go Go Pirate Boat!

Get ready for a  musical story  to start off  the week! We are going to be pirate explorers next week! Why not watch and sing a long  so the children  can join in on Monday!


Our main letter for the week has to be p p pirate! but we will also be looking at the letter w as we are going to be exploring all about water.  For children moving onto learning special friends (two letters, one sound) we will be looking at ar!  (That's what all pirates say!)  ar  start the car! At home you could visit Evie and Dodge or the Cbeebies alphabet songs to reinforce the single letters of the week


Our rhyme for the week has two little birds with names that start with the letter p!

Did you know that it is International talk like a pirate day on September 19th so let's learn some new pirate  vocabulary and start  getting into the role!


During these first few weeks, a lot of the maths we will do at school will be linked closely to their play. We do this so we can understand what lovely maths words they can already use and help them to expand their vocabulary. 

This week we will be focussing on learning the days of the week as well as how to describe where something is using words such as up, down, under and over. We will also be challenging the class to use the words left and right!  

When learning new words it is all about frequency (the amount of times they hear and use them). The more your child hears a word used the more likely they are to remember it and then use it. So, this is your chance to get your lovely children working for you! It can be as simple as asking them to put something away somewhere specific or fetching that jumper themselves, with your direction.  

Click here for a link to the days of the week songs on the Cbeebies website. We are going to be showing this to the children each day so they will become familiar with what each day is.  We also sing a very catchy days of the week song to help them learn the order. 

We will also be learning how to make the Makaton signs for the days of the week. Signing is another way for our children to communicate.

Put those to music and sing a long doing the signing if you get really good at it . Musical days of the week by the singing hands ladies. The F1 children will  be shown the symbol for 'today' and the F2 children will see the symbols for all the days of the week.


Last week in our PE lesson we were listening to instructions including Stop and Go. Every morning we will build on those skills and also introduce left and right by having our 5 minutes of daily exercise just before our register is taken.

We will also be doing lots of movement to the song Portside Pirates!

Our Yoga for the week is of course a pirate adventure with Jaimie.