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Little Explorer's going on a BIG Adventure!

This week we talked about what an explorer is?

The children came up with some amazing answers. Answers that showed they had discussed their new class name at home. Take a look at some of the children's explanations.

Explorer’s “look for things”    (Jacob Z)

Explorer’s “find new things”       (Austin)

“They find different lands and places”     ( Marley)

“It is good to be an explorer because we can find things in our woods”  (Lilly)

“Explorers find cool things…. Treasure” (Edward)

“Explorer’s find corn and bring it home to us”. (Harry)

“They bring us chocolate too!” (Sam)

“Explorer’s find new places and new houses”  (Matthew)

Well this week we are going to talk about what an adventure is! How would you explain what an adventure is? Here are some slightly older children explaining their ideas


As we are going on adventures............... our focus single sound  is going to start off as  'a'

Later in the week we might also be talking a little about the letter 'h' too as we will be looking at houses and homes.


At home you could visit Evie and Dodge or the Cbeebies alphabet songs to reinforce our focus sounds.

Take a look at the Alphablocks blending sounds together to make simple words

For the children learning 'special friend' sounds we will be looking at 'ay' May I play?

Now that the children are all getting to know each other we thought it would be nice to learn the actions and signs for things we play with together


Next week in maths it's all about matching and sorting. This is a great one to do at home. Simple tasks around the house are really good to help developing their sorting and matching skills. It might be 

Tidying their room 

Helping to put the shopping away in the right cupboard. 

Matching pairs of socks 

A game of snap

A game of pairs

Matching and sorting different types of apples

To stretch their thinking you could ask them to decide how to sort objects and items. Discuss where they could put objects and why they should go together.

A simple you can also do online is


We will be learning a rhyme about an apple tree too.

For our movement each morning we are going on an adventure to the rainforest!

Good old Aunty Mable will also be taking us on an apple journey  when we watch an episode of come outside