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In Every House, On Every Street.

This week our explorations are very much all about our own houses.

Watch our very enthusiastic storyteller read you our focus book for the week


Stick insects by Valerie Bodden

The beetle book by Steve Jenkins

For our activities next week we need a photo of your child in front of their own house! Even better....... a photo of them with their family in front of their own house!  Turn those camera's around and take a family selfie then upload it as an observation into their Tapestry Journal.

Then, for the children who have an uploaded photo we will give them some 'show and tell' time to talk about their house and who the special people are that live with them in that house.

If anyone needs a hand with uploading a picture to Tapestry then ask us at the end of the day and we will help you out.

The sounds we will be looking at this week link to our story as usual. We are looking at the letters 'i' for in and 'h' for houses!


Adding a special friend to the h makes the digraph 'ch' so some of the children might also be building words with these two letters put together

A Ch Ch Challenge for you to do at home!

Do you perhaps have a colourful house?

Look at some of the images we will be showing the children next week in order to inspire some colourful house paintings! Our mathematical language will be developed  further this week by using words such as tall/short,   wide/narrow,   big/small as well as using the phrases longer than, taller than , smaller than when comparing shapes and buildings. The children will be using lots of 3D shapes for building their own houses and homes out of a wide variety of construction materials.

Our signs for the week are all about rooms in our homes

And the song we will be singing (to the tune of head, shoulders, knees and toes) is all about different rooms too.


As one of our letters is i i insect our 5 minutes of movement every morning is all about insects

We will be using the outdoor classroom to build little insect homes as well this week. We will be making a collaborative Insect Hotel! Maybe you can have a go at home too ? Here are some ideas. Let us know how you get on. Or perhaps you already have one? send us in a photo.